The Sixth Sense

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There are cases where the government can't do their job, so it's up to Pledis Crime Laboratory, which houses thirteen males with extraordinary abilities not known to the humanity.


Pledis Crime Laboratory is the home of the best crime solvers in Asia. It is a non-government based security system that is divided into three fields. Currently, it is ran by thirteen males who founded the organization themselves. Would you like to solve cases with them?

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Serena_nxm 0 points #1
Chapter 2: omg this is amazing
35 streak #2
Chapter 2: THIS IS SO EXCITING! Yay! I also loved your background for each character. Hihi. Good job, author-nim!
Chapter 2: I love detectives story...I dunno whether you will stick with gyuhan or not (I hope you will :P) but their profile in the first chapter make me excited... will wait for updates ^^
Heresmera 1 points #4
Chapter 2: Omg youre awesome.....cant wait till next chapter!!!!
Chapter 2: Can't wait for next chap >.<
Heresmera #6
Chapter 1: Looking forward♡.♡
IonaLenz #7
Chapter 1: Waw, this seems really interesting, there are many details just from the intro, their power, the relationship between the members and their background story etc. I wonder how you are going to developed this, the concept is really cool, Looking forward to it author-nim !
Chapter 1: more badass svt yayy im excited for this
and i already love jeonghans character
Chapter 1: This seems cool. Looking forward to it. Hwaiting author-nim!