All I Wanna Do! (Wanna One High School)

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Our love story begins: with a boy who loves to dance but yearns to move an audience with his voice. A boy who gives up a bright future to chase his dreams in a foreign country. A boy who lost his confidence but never lost his dream. A boy who hides his loneliness behind the mask of a smile. A boy who plays pretend to conceal the truth of his dark past. And a boy whose only wish is to break free from the chains of his untainted persona.

Six hopeful dreamers. Three love stories. One idol group.

If in an alternate universe, Wanna One was formed through a school for idols and entertainers... what would their story be like?

All I Wanna Do! Wanna One High School



Cover and background credits to the lovely JiaAera over at Jelly Bubble!

Render credits to yunniejacksonyi on DeviantArt~

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To all the local Jinhwinators out there, the Jinhwi update is finally here~ Lots of poetic romance in this one (I kid you not, the Jinhwi ship in my book is the epitome of romantic). I hope you enjoy!

P.S. My chapters aren't getting shorter. I just can't do it lol

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Chapter 17:!!!
but then again it spent me a long time to read it as lately my eyes are playing tricks on me...
i guess i stare at screen for to long since it was also what i did for 8 hours work at office...
i should have renew my glasses or should reduce the time consuming in front of the screen...
but i cant help myself from fangirling~~~~ either watching videos or reading fanfics...

i also love the way you give explanation on each chapter... it's like you communicate more with your readers. i like it.

i like that Yuejun character.. she's chic...and she's heart-strucked by woojin...
woojin is indeed awesome... i love how you develope 2park friendship here...

all in alll, i love how you tell the story..
keep fighting, girl..
and keep your health too... health is important after all :)
Chapter 17: I'm not sure if i'm missing something, but the last chapter about jinhwi was when daehwi was mad after winkdeep interview gone viral, then jinyoung fighting taejoon, then go haechan somehow kidnap I guess there's missing links? Or I didn't read other chapters properly?

P.s. I like to comment more but my eyes are already threatening me to get blurry so I guess i'd turn the phone screen now and continue later...
Chapter 3: Romeong and Daliet :D
One of best parts in wanna one go...
Okay so i'm still on chap 3..
Brb to next chap...
Chapter 17: Lots of interesting things I liked about this chapter.

One, finally Jinyoung confessed! Waiting for that for what feels like years somehow? haha. He did it in such a sweet way. Ah, I love that he's almost as deep, philosophical, and romantic as Daehwi himself. They are really a perfect couple in this story and in real life, I totally picture it. They are so darn shippable. Two, Jinyoung's jealousy. That made me smile and laugh throughout the entire story. Surprised and proud that he kissed Dae in front of everyone(lol Seongwoo proud father~ corrupting everyone, huh? Aigoo, my baby). Three, TJ is an enigma. I actually feel sorry for him and really curious(grr this stupid, complicated, evil family of Seongwoo's never going to see the end of it I guess). I think that he did honestly love Dae and something had changed him along the way. It was good to see their interactions in the past, I was really wondering how they could have possibly been friends, you know? It makes sense if he was a totally different person. I know a part of it was jealousy and pain but then another part of it seems to be his secrets, what could they be? Four, the biotch of the century is here yessss. She's saying she's a fan of Daniel? Oh boy, I can picture Seongwoo sharpening knives already. Excited for Seongwoo and this evil girl's interactions.

Last, but not least, SEONGWOO AND DANIEL DIDN'T DENY THE BOYFRIEND COMMENT WHAT'S UP WITH THAT. Love how Daniel is curious about trying new positions with Seongwoo. You're teasing me, Lilica, stop T.T You know how much I look forward to Ongniel's chapters and it's been getting close to two months now? Wow, I miss them...

I understand about your health and your family trip. Sometimes life just gets in the way and things happen. It's alright. I hope that you will be able to complete this story this year. You deciding to cut it shorter because you're tired of writing or worried about getting busy later? Well, I'm sure that if you write long chapters you can put it all together. Good luck, fighting, don't be sick anymore!

I really love this chapter,from flashbacks to present time,it gave me a flash of Hwi‘s life before he transferred,like,how lonely he was.And also about Taejoon and him! I was relieved when everything was stretched out and they talked out their closure,I really hope Taejoon is sincere this time around.

AND YAAAS I screamed when Jinyoung kissed Daehwi in front of the members! I also didn’t miss that MinHwan content hahahaa I squinted for that ;)

I have a question though...when Jinyoung said sorry and Daehwi kissed him...did something happen to them after?(okay sorry for this question but I‘m intrigued cause Jinyoung locked the door lmao)

And finally! FINALLY Bae Jinyoung confessed! I‘m so happy and I‘m squealing soundlessly rn cause other people in the house are asleep hahahahaaha I love the confession scene though!


This is by far,my most favorite chapter! And also I missed you <3

Take care of your health first! And also thanks for the update! :)

PS.Sorry for the very long comment,my feels are just bursting rn hahahaha
Chapter 17: I love how long your chapters are!!
139 streak #8
Chapter 16: Hoping to see that "Billionaire hot daddy concept" of Ong. I think I will choke myself if he did that such thing. And I like that "Twice concept" idea too. (Rest in peace, holy trinity of masculine charm)

Oh my ghwaaad, that Seonho's byeongari dance makes me laugh so hard. (I imagined Minhyun palming his face for nth time, and his twin chick Guanlin released his gummy smile lmao)
I love the new ship too! Jihoon and food. He's so adorable I swear.

And my sweetie Ong~ when will you change your random dirty thoughts? (No, don't you dare change it)

Come here Woojin-ah. Let's break your eleventh-wheel streak and get married. Hahaha

And speaking of married, the fact that Guanlin is the maknae but he's going married first and his hyungs was shocked at the moment makes me amused haha (Honestly speaking, I imagined Kyulkyung as Zhang Yuejun, and hey, I ship some Wanna One members with I.O.I hehe) I really like how Yuejun gets in to Guanlin's life. It makes the story more interesting!

That Panwink moment on the Lantern festival was so magical. Oh all creatures above, every ship was sailing smoothly keep it up

The last thing I liked in this chapter, the plot twist in the ending! (No more detailed stuffs here, I want others to get surprised too hehe) I must say that, wishing you all the best Woojinie~

Wow this comment of mine is longer than I thought, that's it! Keep writing authornim~ Looking forward for more updates and exciting scenes :D