All I Wanna Do! (Wanna One High School)

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If in an alternate universe, Wanna One was formed through a school for idols and entertainers… what would their story be like?

Six hopeful dreamers. Three love stories. One idol group.

All I Wanna Do! Wanna One High School

A Wanna One Fanfic Series by LilicaDearest



A/N: P.S. This is my first time writing a fanfic, and I’m still a college senior too, so I’ll only be able to update this (hopefully) once every week, or more than that if my schedule permits! Also, don’t worry, because even though this story centers on Panwink, Jinhwi and Ongniel, all eleven members of Wanna One (+ other trainees!) will be featured in this story. And don't forget to check out the Author's Note at the end of each chapter, that's where I dish on the school system and other fun facts regarding this story. I hope you guys like it!

COVER CREDITS: Pictures have been taken from Ivy Club's official pictures of Wanna One and are not my own (credits to the owner!) Cover design by yours tuly~



“Why is it so hard to say those three words? Because I’m worried that I’ll never hear them back. It’s like an author dying and leaving a story unfinished before it has the chance turn into a masterpiece.”

“No matter how cheerful the song, I will only feel any emptying sort of sadness if I have to perform it onstage without you. But oh, if we both make it, I want a kiss by the way.”


 “If love was a person I don’t think I’d like him. He’s like that toxic friend you welcome at first and then can never be rid of… But I think love walked through the door of my home a long time ago. On that day we first met, it entered into my life and locked the door behind it.”

“I’ll debut no matter what. I’ll become an idol even if it kills me. But if I have to do it without you, I guess I’ll just have to wait for my chance to do it in the next life.”


“If you never liked me back just say it-- I don’t want your honey-sweet kisses if they’re poisoned with lies. But if your lips speak the truth, no matter how harsh, its release will be the sweetest thing I’ll ever have tasted.”

“This school is a joke. But even if I joined some survival program and got famous in some other life, I’d rather stay here if that means I’d never met you.”


PARK JIHOON has always been a hardworking student. Apart from school, he works two jobs just to help his mother pay for his school’s tuition—which is no small matter at Mireu High. And though he’s never had the courage to say it, his dream has always been of becoming not just a dancer, but a singer and idol. But just when he thinks all hope is lost, a mysterious freshman turns up by chance at his dance practice after hours, and he soon comes to realize his dream is much closer to fruition than he might think.

LAI KUANLIN left everything he knew back home in Taiwan to pursue his dream of becoming a rapper—his family, his friends, his bright future as a basketball superstar. But Kuanlin has always chased after his dreams no matter what; so alone, against his parents’ wishes, with no formal training and yet entirely unafraid, he auditions for Mireu High, the most famous school for aspiring idols and entertainers in Korea, where he rediscovers his love for rap, finds a new dream to debut as soon as possible… and meets the boy who will change his life forever.

BAE JINYOUNG has always been known as the “pretty boy”. And yet, no matter how many girls try to approach him, he has always had eyes for one person only: his best friend of three years, Jihoon. But as Jihoon’s dancing gets better and Jinyoung’s skills remain mediocre, he feels the distance between them widening. But when he meets an enthusiastic and awfully persistent freshman, he soon begins find the confidence he once lost, and starts to realize he has more to offer the world than his good looks.

LEE DAEHWI wasn’t always the happiest kid at school. Behind his cheerful façade hides a boy who was once the target of jokes and mockery because of his small frame and effeminate demeanor. Since then, he has worked hard to become a better Daehwi, and has excelled as a student at Mireu High for it. But the fact that he’s lonely doesn’t change… That is, until a chance encounter with one of the prettiest faces in school, and with one of the only people who ever truly understood what his loneliness felt like.

ONG SEONGWOO thought he wanted to become an actor. People always said he had the face for it, and the variety skills to match. But deep inside, Seongwoo has always wanted stand to onstage as an idol… and yet that dream isn’t so easy for someone with a dark past, and a certain reputation at Mireu as a troublemaker. But when he is placed under the supervision of Kang Daniel, model student and Council President at Mireu… will Seongwoo realize he still has a fighting chance?

KANG DANIEL is everybody’s idea of a perfect idol. He’s handsome, smart, charismatic and extremely talented. But apart from his best friend Jisung, nobody knows the real Daniel, and he’s afraid that if people find out, they’ll eventually turn against him. But one day he meets a person so vastly different and so entirely annoying… and yet, he can’t seem to shake the feeling that this person is the only one who has ever accepted him for who really he is, and not for the perfect guy he’s always tried to be.

When six fateful roads intertwine… where will the future lead them as they chase their idol dreams? Read on to find out!

Chapter 5 is up! I'd really like to thank you guys for subscribing to my story this early. There are 100+ of you now and that is a massive blessing (It's only been 11 days!) I hope you guys like the story, as I pour my heart out in making it :) leave me a comment if you'd like; I love reading them!

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Chapter 5: Oh it was a pretty long chapter this time! I love Daehwi's POV second to Ongniels~(but I should save first or second for Dan's coming up I guess since it's my bias and his character seems really interesting). Daehwi is so sweet, mature, and sad. I'm very interested about his secrets. Love mystery Daehwi. And the fact that he's liked Jinyoung for a long time. I thought you were going to make them both gradually like each other from their first meeting. But this is so much better. It makes it hard to read a bit because I feel so bad for him. Jinyoung, please like him quickly and stop obsessing over Jihoon~ But he had to go and misunderstand that he likes Kwanlin so that makes everything more complicated. But I like things like that, no worries. Love these love triangle/squares. Oh, I didn't know that's why you chose those songs. I didn't play the musician so I didn't know. Daniel chose Get Ugly? Nice~! And Jaehwan singing Skyfall is pretty amazing(I should put that in my story during the Wanna One times and have Minhyun go all gaga about it).

What are you doing tempting me with Ongniel at the very end, evil author-nim? You know I've been waiting weeks to read about them and now I'm going to be sitting here another week wondering what Ong did to get Dan pissed enough to fight haha. I want to see their interactions so badly~! I hope it's an awesome chapter as well ^^ Hope you have the time to update soon!

BTW, both my stories have updates, if you didn't notice yet. Waiting for your amazing comments!
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Chapter 5: Aaaahhh i feel a little bit pity to daehwi. He is one strong little guy, but hide so many things in his heart :') i feel like i want to hug this little guy :') and i really tempted to kick jinyoung's , at least to notice daehwi XD anyway hahahahahha i'm laughing at ong picking fight with daniel, oh boy this story is getting more and more interesting!!! Thank you for updating, i can't wait to read more surprise from you! Saranghae author-nim! ^^
Chapter 4: What how is English not your native language but I feel like yiu write better than me huh? Curious where you're from then. Haha. Anyway besides the fact I am jealous of your awesome advanced writing skills, i thought this chapter was bloody adorable. Seriously fluff attack. Guanlin is really up on my wanna one bias list because exactly how you described him. Wow you know your bias so well. I picture him just like this tho i at describing him compared to you really. I think I will take some pointers and make him tease Jihoon and be a bit more cool and innocent. I love how he's so forwarding with skinship and says things just to get a rise out of people. He just enjoys being funny and playful rather than serious or quiet. I bet he's even more so at home in his native language. I think Ong will teach him a ton as well about how to joke in Korean and even do puns. Now i wanna do a humor lesson with them it would be adorable. Eh hem. Anyways, i love Jihoon here too. He seems so in denial but obviously falling hard. I think they're both a bit that way. Part of them knows they are at least attracted each other but they're trying to remain oblivious. I can't wait to see them grow closer emotionally and keep it up with the skinship. Flushing Jihoon and smily mischievous flirt Kuanlin are the most adorable things ever. Oh and this was the first time i liked Woojin in a story. What a preverted slightly jerky dork. He cracked me up. He reads fictions lol that's genius! I'm going to mention fics later and I'm going to put scenes from.real fics like yours in it later. Ong and Daehwi and Kwanlin will translate for others and get all awkward and shy abour things they reas. Love real life mentions like this. I love the idea of Woojin corrupting Lin and knowing Jihoon has a thing for pretty boys cuz he so does lol. Please teach him more so he can torture Jihoon to all hell! Great to have beem blesses to Read four chapters of this awesome story! Keep up the good worm. Don't rush yourself. Aren't you tired?
Chapter 4: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i wanna cryyyyyy, this panwink chapter is so damnnn goooddd and you write the plot very well about kuanlin whose love to teasing jihoon without realizing the effect on jihoon, poor jihoonie XD Aaahhhh i love this chapterrrrrr, my panwink is getting even better and closerr. And i love woojin! The way you write it, gosh, woojin is very sharp and playful as well. Very happy to see panwink and 2park here =D
Chapter 2: Ah I think someone like Jaehwan would piss me off. Being filfthy and always singing and he's so arrogant and thinks he's funny but not really most of the time. I know some people find it cute but I'm still meh about him. He has some funny precious moments when he's just bring himself tho. He's pretty funny here tho, i like the childlike element. Lol at the thought of Jaehwan having a lover's quarrel with Min and him having a crush on Daehwi. I never picked up on that but it's sure to be possible. I think everyone had a bit of a crush on the cute younger kids, they're irresistible, especially Daehwi. Poor Jinyoung, I can sense a heartbreak coming. I doubt Jihoon knows anything for years, he's too dense while everyone else probably knows. I hope Jinyoung can get out of the F level. I remember when he was so scared and unconfident he only looked at the ground sweet thing. I'm sure Daehwi will help a lot. I love the idea of him being Bae's tutor. It kind of fekt like on p101 that's actually what happened tho therevwas no physical shot of it. They hung out a lot and Bae's personality plus stage presence really completely changed which wouldn't be possible just him in that short time. Their interaction was funny and sweet, I liked teasing each other about being skinny and how their skinship already is natural. Daehwi seems like he kind of likes him already? And at least Jinyoung acknowledges the other is cute. Off to read my babies~~~
Chapter 1: Oh feeling in love with panwink already!! Jihoon sounds so flipping cute, all shy and easily blushing and totally crushing on Guanlin. Guanlin is hilarious. So cool and bold about his feelings and then playing it off as a joke. He is so like that and Jihoon always takes things so seriously and gets way too affected. I hope Jihoon gains more confidence and stops having money troubles. Maybe Guanlin is rich? That would be great. Guanlin like his sugar daddy haha. Really cute first meeting. Gotta love love at first sight scenes. I wish I had done that in my story but at the time I was debating about wether to progress from friends or not with all my couples. It was going to be just a bromance fic but then i said wth cuz romance is more fun to write. On to next chapter~~~
Omo omo omo. First i am enthralled just from the forward honestly! The plot seems really deep and thought out already. Aw i sense a love triangle and heart break for Jinyoung. It's good to see they all have some complexity to their personalities and interesting deeper back story. My babies are a troublemaker and a model student in charge of whipping the brat into place? Lol. Hmm i wonder what is Dan's real self... I'm sure i will enjoy reading this with all the various couples. And i do like panwink and jinhwi as well. Read soon! Good luck writing!
angelou_exobbh #8
Chapter 3: Awww bottom niel T___T but it's a good story <3