Can You Hear Me

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Jackson promises Mark, his crush, to pick him up after an interview, but he forgets him and Mark has to take a taxi to their dorm.

That causes a happening that changes their lives, and Jackson wonders what would’ve happened if he hadn’t forgotten Mark.


Hey, hello, everyone out there ^^

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0 points #1
Chapter 6: That’s so sad, don’t be too desperate Jacks. ❤️
carolbension 0 points #2
Chapter 6: Jackson!!! Fighting!!!Mark will wake up!!!! Be strong!!!! Mark will need you !!! I love this story is so beautiful!!!
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Chapter 5: Aww Jackson :'( Mark will be alright. He will fight, Jackson. Mark is strong :)
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Chapter 5: The "What I love about Mark" will my motto for life lol
That's so pretty, Jackson is such a poet. ❤️
Chapter 4: Don't be so mad at yourself Jackson. Mark will surely wake up !
Chapter 3: Waaaah! Don't be sad Jackson! Mark will wake up. He'll survive :) Can't wait for the next chapter Author-nim fighting! ^^
Chapter 3: Fighting Jackson ! ?
carolbension #8
Chapter 3: Omg!!!.jackson will visit mark soon!!!! TT TT TT jackson be strong !! Mark will not die I cant wait for the next chapter!!!!
Chapter 2: I'm excited for the next chapter Author-nim! Fighting! ^^
Chapter 2: I hope Mark will wake up soon ㅠ ㅠ