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Alpha Kai, Omega Sehun.


I have this posted on AO3 and this is too short for a summary. But when i posted this as drabble on AO3, i couldnt stop thinking about what would happen next.... So it became a chaptered drabble. DRABBLE hahahaha... Not FIC. (coz of the length of course)

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I love you like how EXO loves EXOL

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Chapter 6: This is so sweet oh my they’re so good to each other I want a Kai too hahaha
Onlysekai #2
Chapter 6: This is my second time reading this fic! HEHEHEHEHEHE
teufelchen_netty #3
Chapter 6: huch.. they are to sweet to be good.
nice end
teufelchen_netty #4
Chapter 4: Kai is such a good guy, not jumping to the balcony, so he instaed did go to the door.... brav alpha
teufelchen_netty #5
Chapter 1: i loved it already on the other side, ist also here *_*
echanmangang #7
Chapter 6: short and sweet!!! a perfect sekai treat!! i love your sekai!!! this is great, keep it up author
Jinnie_jan #8
Chapter 6: Omgggggg I feel so soft omg how could they be so sweet. I'll be reading the rest of your works now ;-;
Jinnie_jan #9
Chapter 4: Omgggggg how in the world could Kai be sooooo sweet and omg i see the boyfriend materials floating around him *cries in happiness
Jinnie_jan #10
Chapter 2: Awwww this is so fluffy ?♡♡♡