Look What Moon Byulyi Made Me Do


"Is it legal for a girl like you to be this handsome?"

- Kim Yongsun


When the Student Council President of Elysian Academy suddenly ran away from the responsibilities that have been given to him, the college turns into a complete chaos. All of the students were separated to 6 different cliques and having a war with each other. Common problems like bullying, smoking, vandalism or even motorcycle gang have occur whether at inside or outside of the campus. The uncontrollable situation made the academy authorities to be worried sick and they were desperate to search for a new capable candidate to replace the Student Council President spot. Not until the former member of the Nerds clique, Kim Yongsun, came out of a sudden and revealed her big ambitious to recover the situation back to normal and reunite all the cliques.

That was how Yongsun became the most important person to make the goal as a big success. As for that, she would do a lot of missions that can be considered sometimes unexpected, spectacular, mind-blowing and nerve-wrecking. Both the teachers and the students of Elysian Academy will ask her for help and Yongsun agreed with them nonetheless as she thought that can help to lead the goal to success like how they want.

Along her incredible experiences as the Student Council President of the academy, there for the very first time, she has to encounter the leader of the Greasers clique and also head of the motorcycle gang, Moon Byulyi. Rarely handsome yet so gorgeous with her long silver hair and Yongsun was quick to attach with the mysterious aura that the girl has. But what Yongsun did not know, Moonbyul is the type of person who she should not mess with at the very first place. Yet Yongsun still stubborn, as she can felt the opposite attraction between both of them, just like two magnets that pull each other closer.


"You are face to face with the most dangerous person in this whole place, cutie pie."

- Moon Byulyi


A/N: Hey, guys! This is my second fanfic and my feeling is on fire to write this. *fireeeee* Yasss ~ Another MoonSun story. But other idols will surely participate in this story. *peace* The inspiration to write this is basically comes from one of the console games called 'Bully'. Weird, huh? *keke* Anyway, maybe I will continue this story after my first fanfic ends. So hope you guys anticipate for this!

Feel free to leave your thoughts about this. It would be a really big motivation for me. And sorry if it's kinda mess and a lot of grammar mistakes here and there as English is not my main language. So, hope you will like it though. Thank you. *bow* ^^


Elysian Academy

The Cliques

The Nerds : Reliable, bullies target, most of them wearing typical geek glasses, geniuses, top scorers.

Main enemy ; The Jocks.

The Bullies : Complete bully, slackers, tend to be fierced, dressed in dowdy clothes, love to skip classes.

Main enemy ; None.

The Preppies : Spoiled teenagers, most of them are from wealthy families, hipsters, dressed in high-class outfits and live in luxurious residents.

Main enemy ; The Greasers

The Greasers : Black leather jacket is their official attire, rare to be found inside the campus, always with their motorbikes, considered as the most dangerous clique.

Main enemy ; The Preppies

The Jocks : Top athletes, cheerleaders, savage, always can be found in the academy's gym and at the field,  usually with their own sportswear.

Main enemy ; The Nerds

The Townies : Rarely in campus area, always at the town, the most unproblematic clique.

Main enemy ; None


The Cliques' Leader


The Nerds, Jung Wheein, 19                                                         The Jocks, Kim Taehyung, 20


The Bullies, Kim Namjoon, 19                                                  The Townies, Jung Sooyeon, 22


The Preppies, Im Yoona, 21                                                        The Greasers, Moon Byulyi, 20



The Student Council President

Kim Yongsun, 21


Let the war begin.


OMG, thank you so much everyone. I can't say how much I feel so happy. My exam gonna be in next week, maybe I will update chapter 17 a bit late. But if I have free time, maybe I will post earlier. Hehe. Thanks again, guys. *finger heart*

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hitter_98 #1
Chapter 19: My heart hurts so much.... solar please wake up faster ㅠㅠ
lovechoco #2
thanks for the update authornim!!!♡♡♡♡
Chapter 19: Thanks for update authornim.. ^_^
VipOnceMoomoo 29 streak #4
Chapter 19: Thank you so much T_T but can you please update it fast ♡
moonsuncouple123 #5
Chapter 19: in my past experience(i am married now )when i start crush with someone i try so hard to get close with he/her...i never feel ashamed to express my feeling/confess cos i know i can't keep in myself...but don't expect so much from someone who you crush...i realize love always hurt so don't hesitate to confess before you regret,i wish you luck..
galaxystruck #6
Chapter 19: write one shot or two shots about your love life and then share the link to ur crush and ask him to read and comment. thats an indirect confession XD
Sephilyn #7
Chapter 19: Personally, I think you should confess. At the very least, he can appreciate your courage to tell him yourself, which is a very hard thing to do. The truth hurts, which is why it is considered precious to many.
Rhayvien #8
Chapter 19: I would say that you should confess.. It's better to know what he truelly feels than feeling the uncomfortable feelings of "what ifs" inside you..

What I'm curious about is, what happened to the person that he has crush on? Did he make a move then?.. And you also said that your bestfriend told you to stop crushing on him cause he consider you only as a friend..(If im not wrong)

But I think asking him about these things, his crush and everything is not a bad thing. You know, you said that you're getting close already, so knowing about him is not bad.. At least you can get informations and hints at the same time..

Chapter 19: Well i don't have any experience with relations so i hope you can find a true way ^^
Chapter 19: 1. Confess. So it will be out of your chest.
Keeping it in just gonna make you feel more frustrated.
But if you still hesitate, go to choice number two.

2. Don't confess, and have a crush on someone else.
This method will only work if you didn't really like that person. If this one doesn't work, go to choice number one.

This is not a joke even if it seem like one.

But if you really like him, time is one of the thing that do the trick. Beside that is yourself. Focus your mind on something else, hardly. Like, go crazy on following Mamamoo stuff, find another hobby or two. Keep yourself busy. Writing a lot of fic is also a great option ;)

Anyway, I wish you'll succeed. No matter what you'll decide to do.