Grey Smoke

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The confidence of winning that Taeyeon had was nowhere to be found when she lost the bet to Tiffany because of a .


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jirablahblah #1
Chapter 9: Ah... Taeyeon ? She's not a troblemaker just someone who always get herself into trouble lol but it's kinda good to see her being comfortable with people in the camp!

oh still waiting for Taeyeon & Tiffany interaction ._.
Pikachu_ss #2
Chapter 9: This story is so good!!
CzartheRussian #3
Chapter 9: My gosh, Jessica! Why do you have to ruin everything! Ugh please Taeyeon wake up, you’re always taking Tiffany for granted. :(
taenyworth #4
Chapter 9: This story have an interesting plot ......
Chapter 9: IDK but this makes me really sad for Tiff— always sacrificing for Tae
ttblub #6
Chapter 9: Trouble! What if another Jung will go to the camp? Another trouble for Taeyeon!

Taeyeon keep yourself together!
tipco09 48 streak #7
Chapter 8: A kiss ! Just what TaeNy needs to make up.
nov_sone97 #8
Chapter 7: When Jonghyun name popped out in the story.. And he is like giving a spirit to Taeyeon... It feel so real, oh my god TT can't take it anymore. I miss him. He is like a twin with Taeyeon TT they're same
yung1316 #9
Chapter 7: Taeny! Taeny! Taeny! Great words author
Chapter 7: Gosh, Tiff... her dedication and love towards Tae is superb ;-(