The Sassy Diva and the Cold handsome Guy

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The Two most popular students in Seoul Academy. One is a Sassy Diva whos name Byun Baekhyun and the other is a Cold Handsome guy whos name Park Chanyeol.They both hate each other, but what will happen if they will live in the same roof together until they finish their college because their parents told them to? lets find out how is chanyeol and baekhyun's life will be miserable. 





Ok guys first of all this is my first chanbaek fanfic, because im officially become their Shipper!!! Im so into them this past weeks and now im writing a fanfic of this couple!!. OK Back to the story, I know you have read like similar to my fanfic before but ill tell you this I dont plagiarize, so if you will notice a similar scenes or what its a coincidence. Thank you for understanding :) HOPE YOU LIKE MY STORY! *muahhhhh* XOXO


Byun Baekhyun

- 19 years old

- Graduating in highschool

- High Remarks at school

- Sassy ( everyone falls for his charms)

- Never like anyone call him 'GIRL'

- His dad owns a car company the Avex Corp.

- black belter in Taekwando

- learned gymnastic in elementary and highschool

-what he hates the most to a person is the personalities Park Chanyeol have.

- his #1 hater is Park Chanyeol

- his #1 Enemy is Park Chanyeol


Park Chanyeol

- 19 years old

- Graduating in Highschool

- High remarks at school

- Serious and Cold to everyone (but has alot admirers)

- He hates it when someone made fun of him

- Bestfriends | Kai and Sehun |

- His dad owns the popular Bermuda Wine Company.

- MVP in basketball |varsity player|

- Professional Swimmer

- He a person whos has a similar personalities that baekhyun have.

- His #1 Hater is Byun Baekhyun

- His #1 Enemy is Byun Baekhyun.


Other Characters:

Luhan | Kyungsoo | Eunji - Baekhyun's Friends

Oh Sehun | Kim Jongin | Kris Wu - Chanyeol's Friends

Park Chaehyun - chanyeol's mom

Park Woobin - chanyeol's dad

Byun Nayeon - Baekhyun's mom

Byun Mingyu - Baekhyun's mom

Park Bogum - Baekhyun's childhood friend

Lee Yoona - Chanyeol's girlfriend

And many more characters to add.








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