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I'm lucky i'm in love with my best friend, lucky to have been where i have been, Lucky to be coming home again.


That's the lyrics of the song Lucky.


This is the story about the two best friends, who has unspoken/undistinguished feelings for each other.


Let's all see how or when these two will realized their feelings to each other.


Will they also feel Lucky to be in love with their best friend?



Jessica - Business Student, best friends with Tiffany and Yuri. She is a brat girl from the states and was transferred to Korea because of her Father's request to finish her degree. A girl who's trying to find her Prince Charming by going out with different guys but never had a boyfriend.


Yuri - Business Student, Tiffany and Jessica are his childhood best friends from the states, he and his family went to Seoul when he was fifteen. A guy who can't date girls because of his best friend.


Tiffany - Business Student, She is an American Girl who went to Korea together with her best friend to study and soon run their company. A supportive, loving best friend and girlfriend who's always there for the people she loves.


Taeyeon- Business Student, He is Yuri's close friend and boyfriend of Tiffany. Yuri and Taeyeon's family are business partners. A Byun but stick to one boyfriend and a loyal friend.


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Chapter 55: Awww congratz YulSic ;)) can’t wait for their honeymoon..
Beccapetra 0 points #2
Chapter 55: Finally..... congrats <3
And the most await part, THE HONEYMOON ;)
Double honeymoon pls authornim~~
<3 <3 <3 <3
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Chapter 55: Congratulations YulSic!!
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Chapter 55: wohhhoooo congrat honeymoon..kekeke
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Chapter 55: Such a romantic wedding, Im melted by yulsic :’)) can’t wait for their honeymoon part author :D
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Chapter 55: Yeahhh YulSic is married.. yeah!!!! Finally. Hoping Jessica will get preggy soon.
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Chapter 55: I loveee it!! Congrats YulSic couple.. baby is coming soon...
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Chapter 55: My YulSic, congrats!! Agree with othets, can’t wait for their honeymoon part :P
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Chapter 55: The wedding is so romantic authornimm.., love them so much!!