White Knight


Joohyun and Seulgi, in the eyes of Seungwan.

Or: Irene and Seulgi are the worst at hiding their relationship and Wendy tries her best to help.

Maybe I'll write this chapter from Seulrene's pov in the future. But that'll span an entire fic because there'll obviously be angst involved hehe But for now, here's a new one for White Knight! What do you think?

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Oh my god this fic is hilarious :") Poor wendy HAHHA
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Hi author nim. I like your this fic a lot. Is it possible for me to translate your fic into Chinese and post it on Chinese website? Looking forward to your favourable reply :’)
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Rereading this again, this is such a good fic
Chapter 6: Was this the last chapter or not? Seungwan is best friend goals.
Hello there author! First & foremost, I read this last night but fell asleep shortly after I reached the last chapter so pardon my late comment. Your story has been lingering at the back of my mind ever since I woke up and even in the midst of my busy schedule, I kept thinking about how badly I want to come back to read this again because it tugged my heart strings so well! In every chapter, with every SeulRene interaction, I can imagine them in my head. The fact that it is written from Wendy's POV made it easier for me to conjure the images because I'm a third party too so kudos to your writing style! The most impactful sentence out of the entire story is during Seulgi's outburst at Irene, saying that Sunmi looks at Irene the same way Seulgi does. It hit me hard in the guts and as much as I wanted to say something, I don't know how to explain that feeling your words made me feel. I guess that's how I know I'm truly captivated by your story! You are absolutely my white knight for writing this story! I will be looking forward to more in the future, especially when its a glimpse into the relationship through Seulgi and Irene's POVs. Cheers to a great read and your effort! :)
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Chapter 6: This is so good! Really like seeing Seulrene from Seungwan's POV.
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Chapter 5: Ahahah poor Seungwan
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Chapter 2: xD
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Chapter 1: Just started reading this~
Aww Seungwan being so protective!
Chapter 6: I totally loved this chapter, it was very cute. And also very realistic too that it could have totally happened that way. thanks for such a great collection of stories.