The Real Beauty

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Sori joined BTS pack around three years ago, but she doesn't really seems to fit in with her pack mates. Maybe it's just an impression of hers, maybe it's because she's not a born-werewolf, maybe it's because she doesn't look as pretty as the other girls of the pack...she just feels like she doesn't fit in with the others.

Add to that the fact that she had feelings for the maknae of the pack for a very long time...what will happen when she gets to meet some members of the pack who lives on the other side of the lake?


Hello everyone, I'm Felix!

I wrote a one shot with these characters and I found out I still had many ideas I wanted to try and this is how I started writing this story. I never wrote a full fic before, so this is the first fic I write. If you have some tips you'd like to give me, just leave a comment and I'll read it!

English isn't my first language, so there will probably be mistakes. I'll try to correct them, but I might still miss some of them.


Please, do not plagiarize this fanfiction. Everything I'll publish comes from my pretty little sick brain, if you want to write something use your pretty little sick brain too. Do not copy other people's works. 



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I should update tomorrow. Actually I've been trying to update for days but there are always guests in my house, so I have to keep them company and I'm like...dont' you have your own place to live in? Why are you here again???

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Luckychicken101 11 streak #1
Chapter 13: really enjoyed this chapter!! hope Sori gets better at being confident over time because she is stronger than she thinks!! Also I am sensing that she is getting very distanced from BTS but at the same time she remains very loyal! Like she can have a independent lifestyle while being a pack member, cheers to EXO for accepting her the way she is <3 P.s. Jungkook you seriously haven't learnt from your mistake her you? The more you make erratic actions of sleeping around, the more tension, emotions will erupt from everyone. Not just Sori, she is already hurt and she has done a lot to overcome her demons, but you keep making it worse.
Chapter 13: I just hope sori brought sehun home too i even wish sehun pleasure sori much better than jungkook. Jerk jungkook hah hes a stupid boy
kawaii_anime1004 #3
Chapter 13: This story is so interesting. If only she could be stay strong and find someone else who actually care for her. I feel like she will explod one day from all her problem. Like why are they so negative about her spending time with Exo?! Let her live her own life, who are you to control it?!
simmss2017 #4
Chapter 13: Woaaah Sehun
Chapter 13: Sori's pregnant right? that's why there was a change in her scent?
And also, maybe the wolf (or the group/pack) that turned Sori was looking and stalking her coz she's an asset to the pack.
AANNND, why JK such an . urgh. friggin' hate him.
FiLm_watrin #6
Chapter 13: I love how confident she is! She should be like this more. To Enjoy life and stop stressing out! By the way, Sehun is HOT!!