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보고 싶다
이렇게 말하니까 더 보고 싶다
너희 사진을 보고 있어도
보고 싶다
너무 야속한 시간
나는 우리가 밉다
이젠 얼굴 한 번 보는 것도 힘들어진 우리가



I miss you
When I say that, I miss you more
I’m looking at your photo
But I still miss you
Time is so cruel
I hate us
Now it’s hard to even see each other’s faces



A/N - From Perfect to Darling. The continuation. ♥

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Chapter 1: Wait... This make me so confuse....So the whole thing is just a part of the book??? And not the real ??? But it still sweet~~~~ authornim hwaiting!!
reinni #2
Chapter 1: What ???
So, it's just a story from a book that their fans gave them ???
jchanwoo41 #3
Chapter 1: Ajajsjsjdj the ending are so cuteeeeee
Lol , chanwoo cries over a book is a no no , but i find this story is really cuteeee
Thanks for ur hardwork
reinni #4
Wow, wowwwww..... I really really need this.... Waiting for your update :)
kangdaesoon89 #5
Oo yes. Ppalli juseyo n Happy 60th indepedent day my dear ^^