The Season of Love

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LOVE a beautiful word n moreover a feeling!❤ There is no defination of LOVE! LOVE is care, devotion, believe, happiness, togetherness !! It can be seen, feel but can't be express through words!! Here is the Seoson of Love!! They meet, start caring each other, show devotion for each other, beleive in each other, feel extremely happy together!!! At last surrender themselves to LOVE ❤❤


When he saw her, he can't keep his mind away from her, she came like a dream to him but he know she is meant to be his! He loves her but can't get how to express!! This is love at first sight for him! He didn't know what's it but whenever he is with her, his heart beats like crazy, his all worries get away!! 

When she saw him, she feels protective like she never, he was like a savier for her but it turned out to be the perfect person for her heart!! The one who understands her!! 

There comes love!!❤

Descendants of the sun a korean drama which was super duper hit!! Throughout the Asia n America also!

 The chemistry of SongSongCouple win our hearts!♡♡ 

I'm  going to rewrite what all happened but wid some twists!! In short going to recreate everything but in my way!✒


I'm really sorry!! actually the chapter doesn't get visible as I forget to save the changes!!

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Chapter 5: Well done Bhumi keep it up !!! Really a nice one !!!
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Chapter 5: Nice update dear
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Chapter 5: Nice story!!
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Chapter 4: All the best for your exams
Chapter 4: Keep it up Bhumi, for someone as young as you to write this well, you're doing very good!
Chapter 4: Keep writing dear
Chapter 4: Nice update dear...keep it up
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Chapter 4: i am happy u are not leaving and all the best for ur exams
Chapter 4: Glad you're not leaving and began to update your stories again! <3 thank you for this update, Bhumi!
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Chapter 4: Thanks for the lovely update authornim.