Together Forever

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He want her to know that he will  always be with her..

his arms will always be here to protect her..

his love will always be here to nurture and encourage her..

his soul will forever be with her to watch-over and comfort her until the time..

because he wants to be with her

 Together Forever 

She feel like she had known him known him all her life and like she had loved him forever..

he was a  part of her.. on her mind, in her heart and one with her soul..

and she want to love him until the end of time

but why she always stop her heart for which it is made?

Let's see... They're going to be Together Forever or not..


When he saw her, he can't keep his mind away from her, she came like a dream to him but he know she is meant to be his! He loves her but can't get how to express!! This is love at first sight for him! He didn't know what's it but whenever he is with her, his heart beats like crazy, his all worries get away!! 

When she saw him, she feels protective like she never, he was like a savier for her but it turned out to be the perfect person for her heart!! The one who understands her!! 

There comes love!!❤

Descendants of the sun a korean drama which was super duper hit!! Throughout the Asia n America also!

 The chemistry of SongSongCouple win our hearts!♡♡ 

I'm  going to re create  what all happened but with some twists!! In short going to re create everything but in my way!✒

Graphic Credit goes to ANANYASRIVASTAVA

Hello deariess!! An update is here...pls come and read!!

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I like the new cover dear and will read your story super soon once I have time to lol! Wait patiently for my comments dear.
MasitaMitro #2
Chapter 9: Hate that Eunji
Chapter 9: This Eunji character is really annoying...
I have met some people on.real lifr whichbwere exactly like her - annoying And full of themselves and believe me ,its no fun to dral.with them...
None the less will be anticipating your next update soon :)
all the best
Chapter 9: This is nice!! Thanks for the update see!!
Chapter 9: I hope MY won't break up with SJ after this scene like dots...keep going sis..u r doing grt
ngchiayit #6
Chapter 9: This is good
Chapter 5: Lol I thought they were matching sijin and moyeon up... But it turns out I guessed it wrong XD
Chapter 4: Lol si jin showed up at her front door early in the morning...
Chapter 2: Nice chapter... Sorry I only get to read only one Lolol... Keep it up ??
Chapter 8: And thank u for using the book cover :)