The Drowned One

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Finally convinced to go diving in one of the greatest spots on Earth, Baekho finds himself into a far bigger role than he even thought possible.




Written for the What's Your Number contest, using the prompt:

There are locations all around the world that, to put it simply, we are not supposed to know about.

Quite amusingly, Yuan made me this poster after a small little uh session of pleading from the wrong side. But I'll admit, it's so so so much better than I could ever do and I'm so in love with it!!! (And so spoiled)

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Chapter 6: Well, seems that Dongho could have made a friend (kind of?) already. Irene seems a nice girl, like, she's not interested in plays of power and this is already a good thing to Dongho's situation xD (And Irene should really not get worried, because our nice human here has his mind occupied by only one red-haired girl xD /run)
Tho... WHAT DO YOU MEAN SOME WEEKS?! O.O' aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
Punktele 1 points #2
Chapter 6: Really enjoying your Story! Happy to see Irene being nice and telling Dongho what's going in.
61 streak 1 points #3
Chapter 6: Ohhhh, Irene! Hai Irene :D
Eeesh. He got the information from someone other than Yeri >.<
But now he knows the danger :o
61 streak 1 points #4
Chapter 5: Ooooohhhhh
Yeri is just mad at everyone
But this information *weeps*
They're all gonna dieeeeeee
1 points #5
Chapter 5: Soooooo the beginning of a possible more civilized relationship between Dongho and Yeri could have started xD
And now we now How they ended under water. Tho i Wonder How in two thousand years no one in the city found a way to fix or re-strenght the Dome... Like, people are not well versed in Magic anymore, ir the Magic of the Dome is something that was Lost?
StarSongGalaxy 1 points #6
Chapter 4: If this happened to Baekho, I could totally see him acting the way you portrayed him. :D
Keep up the good work!
1 points #7
Chapter 4: I'm happy that he was declared innocent. Because he IS. But I'm sad that he can't go home OTL
At least seems the male member of the triunvirate took a liking in him. :') some protection against Yeri's mother.
61 streak 1 points #8
Bahahaaahhahaahah Yeri's mother just got... I forgot the word :o
:o Dongho has to stay in Albalin! That must make Yeri happy. DX
That was a.... fast trial to say the least. Lmao.
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Chapter 3: I agree with BanaWarrior, Yeri chose the wrooooong human. Dongho won't hurt anyone there (on purpose)! And oooooh, Atlantis as a nation! :D :D so then they're mermaids-but-not that are descended from the Atlantis of Greek myth (which I should have guessed from the word triumvirate itself) and Yeri chose the most kind human she could to prove a point. Way to go, Yeri X)
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Chapter 3: Yeri couldn't have chosen a worse person to prove her point lol
Go Dongho! Show her that not every human is evil! XD
Tho if the myths have any Spec of truth, then it's most probable that this underwater people brought destruction to themselves. And it's really unjust to blame humans. Or to think it's ok to show up, kill them and take their cities.