The Melody of His Heart


Wouldn't it be sad if you met The One, only to find out that they might have a totally different preference in music? What if you like Jazz and Classical music, but your other half prefers EDM and Hardstyle? 

I can only see that as a tragic love story that will never work out. Like Romeo and Juliet. 

Because in this universe, we put our hope and future of meeting our soulmate on the music that we listen to.

Sometimes, you might wake up to a totally new playlist and you just know that your soulmate is going through another one of their phases (I once had to listen to soundtracks of waves, waterfalls, and thunderstorms for a week straight... Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate it — it was actually very calming. But listening to that on my bus rides home only made me miss my stop several times and it was not fun. I actually hope he never goes through that phase again...). Or other times, you might wake up with a sudden urge to listen to rap when you have always been more of a ballad person and that's how you know that it's not you. But your soulmate.

There cannot be another way to search for your soulmate. Because through music, that is how our hearts connect and find each other.



Pairing: Baekhyun x OC
Genre: Fantasy, parallel universe au (I guess?), Soulmate!au, Rugby player!Baekhyun, University au
Length: Short story (5-shot?)


Author's note:


Lol that aside! I literally thought of this today and thought it was a cute concept. I definitely have had inspiration from reading a few soulmate au's but I am by no means stealing their idea. This is simply my own take on things, and I am really excited what my brain/imagination will come up with. So please look forward to this story although I do not promise to update this quickly... I hope you guys will be patient and supportive despite the (possibly) long wait. Thank you!


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Baekhyunee_silkachew #1
Chapter 5: Firstly, i want to say sorry for not commenting and giving feedbacks on this story while you’re still updating and it’s not finished. This story is an art. A beautiful story of yours. I really like how things went on like sychronising playlists to find your soulmate... when your soulmate’s happy, happy songs being added to your playlists as well as the sad mood, the sad songs. I really want to prasie you on how you come up with the story idea. I mean the plot. Parallel universe. And your stories make me really happy. And most importantly, they make me love baekhyun more. and i use aff only bc of your stories. You’ve done a really really hardwork, cara ssi ^^
40 streak #2
Chapter 6: I finally finished this wonderful story!! Honestly, reading this instead of doing work was a good choice. I loved the entire concept of shared playlists and soulmates finding each other through music. I wish it was the real world?? Ugh, and the fluffffff. Baekhyun isn't even my bias but wow, he's a wrecker, that's for sure. I was smiling so hard when I read the part about his marriage proposal. When I was younger, I always thought it would be romantic to be proposed to with someone singing their proposal. I always fantasized about it so this definitely hit close to home haha.

Anyways, thank you for the amazing story ♥
40 streak #3
Chapter 4: The last part of this chapter reminded me of this quote I read somewhere that said that when you meet your soulmate you'll feel calm, at ease, and like everything in the world is going to be okay... Ah, the feels T_T
Chapter 6: Im so content. I love your stories and this one makes me feel all fluffy and is officially my favourite. I adore your writing style as well. Its so well written. Aaaah, im so sad it ended
XingMei #5
Chapter 6: The recommended song on the last chapter stopped exactly at the final sentence of the story that I wondered briefly if you had it planned beforehand hehe but THIS IS SUCH A GOOD READ! You never disappoint with your storiesㅠㅠㅠbest author in the world!!!
40 streak 1 points #6
Chapter 3: This is super cute! I love how they found out they were soulmates. So cuteee. And the tattoo omg. I feel like the crescendo is symbolic for how their lives, seemingly mundane and normal before each other, will escalate into something great, something beautiful now that they have each other.
Ellencris1996 #7
Chapter 6: Sooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I died
loyal-ExosSpirit #8
I love the story flows
40 streak #9
Chapter 2: If Baekhyun was a dog, he'd be a corgi haha but in all seriousness, this is such a cute chapter! The ending lines are beautiful to me ^^
40 streak 1 points #10
Chapter 1: Wow I wish I lived in this universe... Haha but at the same time I'd feel sorry for whoever had to listen to me jumping from Pink Floyd to Beethoven within the span of a few days.