Between Soft Paws and Kitten

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Baekhyun had not planned on getting a cat, but the pitiful, drenched little thing

hiding beneath the stairway stole his heart away before he even noticed it himself.



I am back with some BaekYeol fluff. Yay!, or something.

I saw a picture of Chanyeol with cat ears, and suddenly I just had to write a cat hybrid AU. And I couldn't leave out KaiSoo, so... Uh, here you go?

Honestly, it was hard to write something this fluffy, and it got more cotton candy sugar sweet than I had expected, lol, but I guess it was needed considering the state of the other fics I'm working on... Ahem. Yeah.

I apologize if it's strange/full of mistakes/plot goes all over the place, but this was started before I moved and finished just after moving, so I'm still unpacking and trying to get everything in order, and only has small moments of time for writing, ahaha... I'm sorry about this mess, I just wanted to finish it and get it up ;w;

Basically as always on my BaekYeol fics, I dedicate this to Nana, my muse and bias, soul mate, beta and helper, who lets me read her fics before most others and lets me help her with them... I feel so privileged ;w; And as always - this doesn't mean that BaekYeol is my main OTP! Nu-uh!

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Chapter 5: HAHAHAHA this is so adorableeee ≧ω≦(๑♡∀♡๑)
Chapter 4: Yaaaaaasssssssssssss!!!!!!!!! Love it so much!!!
Chapter 2: Awwwwwwww it's so mushy so sweet, I fell in love wid them....
gaviotta1 #4
Chapter 5: This story was so beautiful I loved it! ! ! ! ! ! ! It was so sweet and fluffy thank you author-nim for your amasing work
Chapter 5: this is so adorable and cute and fluff asdfsjdffb
Kaisoo666 #6
Chapter 5: I'm a nerd too Cx ! I appreciate this chapter :D
exosempire #7
Chapter 5: this was super cute!!! I can never get enough of hybrid!au THERES JUST SO MUCH FLUFF EVERYWHERE ( ̄∇ ̄) I lub it:’]
Thank you so much for sharing^-^ chu~
subtitler #8
Chapter 5: i thoroughly enjoyed reading all 5 chapters... so refreshing...
Chapter 5: SO CUTE!!!!!
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congratulations on winning the bid!