My Roommate Is An Angel [ChanBaek]

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With every trail of kisses place on Baekhyun's perfect skin made Chanyeol want more, with every moan that escapes the little human's lips Drove the Angel crazy and making love to that same human was more than enough for Chanyeol to make up his mind.

Will Archangel Chanyeol give up his immortality for the sake of love?






Lower Archangel Park Chanyeol has always thought of the humans as weak, helpless, unworthy, worthless and nothing but a pure waste of time.

But what happens when he finally agreed to go on his mission to save Baekhyun a university boy who he hasn't seen before but only heard of his name.

Will his opinion about the humans race change?


Word count: Not yet sure. 

Chapters: One or Two. OneShot

Pairing: Chanyeol/ Baekhyun/ ChanBaek.

Genre: fluff, romance, , Angelau, slight angst.



Author's Note.


I've just decided to start writing OneShots stories, i hope this one turns out well. Please Don't forget i still need your love and support on this by commenting and voting.Thanks Darlings.


M rated scenes (Check chapter title before reading) 
Mpreg and slight angst.
You have been warned! 

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33 streak 1 points #1
Chapter 2: Cute >////////<
kashycat 30 streak #2
Chapter 3: Hmm normally I don't really read ffs that aren't about Chanbaek, but I'll try to read this as soon as I have time again ^.^
Cheyennexxi 1 points #3
Chapter 1: so cute^^ enjoyed reading it
jessie_chan 1 points #4
Chapter 2: Adorable!!
Superbgirl 1 points #5
Chapter 2: A very cute story <3
1234random 1 points #6
Chapter 2: Thank you for the update!
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Chapter 2: So beautifull❤❤ thanks you for update❤
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Chapter 1: think you need to do more chapters or you are gonna end up with a rebellion on your hands keep up the great writing
nfs_95 #9
Chapter 1: NEED CHAPTER 2!!!!!!!!!!