First spark


22-year-old child star Nam Jihyun has never dated. Sure, she has tons of guy friends, but none seems to hold her interest, while they see her as more of a buddy.

This is the first time she felt a spark, but does he feel the same?




I've always thought that Ji Chang Wook is a bit of a mystery. Even in the BTS, where he was initiating skinship with Nam Ji-hyun, I wondered if it was just a way for him to build rapport with his costars, or if he really saw her differently. This is my first fanfiction, and I'm writing from Jihyun's perspective because I love this bright, cheerful girl (maybe more than wookie though I liked him first). Hope you'll like it! :)

I'm not sure what qualifies as "mature" anymore but for now I'm defining it as anything that involves . So we're good for this chapter :p

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Chapter 22: did she said something wrong?I read that episode like 3-4 times but I didn't catch the wrong doing of JH,I mean except maybe of her making him going crazy while he trying so hard to keep it in,and she did said she LOVED it when he ********,so is that what make the uncomfortable moment,maybe it's because I'm not and Eng native language,but I really didn't get what happen in the end of the chapter,we know he want her! but why he not telling her whats wrong?now I feel like JH,worried...what going on in our oppa head???
please update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Chapter 22: Wow, thank you for the update, dear author.
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Chapter 22: Why am i feeling "wrong" ..... Like.... Maybe.... There was Wookie's omma in the other side of swimmingpool...
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Chapter 22: always wait for your update n finally you update author..thank you..seems like there is misunderstanding between two of them..i hope everything will be ok after this..
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Chapter 22: She said “I love you” ...
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Chapter 22: Thank you for the update.
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Chapter 22: Whooooo... I've been waiting for your update;; I've refreshed my AFF page several times like crazy since last night. And finally you've updated.
So..... Conflict and Angst are coming? >< I thought they were going to the next phase. But boy... Seems It ain't happens that fast. But I love this chapter. I hope you'll update soon Author-nim <3
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Chapter 22: What was she saying?
Am dying here wanting and waiting... Hmm
Please update soon.
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Chapter 22: Woooow.... Speachless
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Chapter 21: the only thing I can say is 'you are AMAZING as always'ho and one more thing 'that was HOT!want more want more!!!!'
you are great,marvelous,AMAZING writer!!!please please please update sooooooonnnnnn!!!!!!!!
I'm kinda disappointed of JCW omma...and to think I thought the father was harsh...I hope she see how great JH is soon!