Monsta High

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A Monsta x highschool fanfiction .



Monsta x fictions ;
Honestly  / /  Can't we love ?




Title : Monsta High

Character : Monsta x & [oc]

Status : Ongoing

Chapter : Chaptered

Genre : romance, light angst

Started : 150817

Ended : -

Artwork : WJH ☆ graphic studio

Author : minmungi / ranisseu


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Deeeeeee #1
Chapter 7: Omg poor kihyun... im literally crying tho,,, i feel sorry for him T^T

Really love this fanfic, hope you’ll update it soon :)
Chapter 7: Please update soon :3
Chapter 7: poor Kihyun.
Wonho is so beautiful tho.....
Chapter 6: fangirls!
Chapter 5: awww Kihyun :')
hwaiting author nim!
Chapter 2: *dolphin squeals*
Chapter 5: Chingu-ah, I can't always give the greatest words of encouragement due to my own struggles but stay strong. I know how you feel about things. I struggle a lot but I find the things that make me happy. If you ever need someone to talk to and want advice feel free to message me whenever you need someone. I'd be happy to listen and talk :)
Azalea198 #8
Chapter 3: This is actually such a good story! Can't wait for the next update.
anna98 #9
Chapter 3: woot woot i love these yassss