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Seletine might be the most ideal city any man could ever dream of, a manmade island-city that was created in hopes of producing the perfect living space for both nature and man. Living in peace have always been the motto of this small lush green city, putting people’s mind at ease even though not everyone swimming in wealth. Always buzzing with the hustle and the bustle of the youth and old, this small island-city continued to grow to welcome and accommodate everyone with open arms thanks to its close knitted community.


001. Subscribe to the thread, and if possible, do upvote too!

002. We are a closed roleplay, no following or interacting with outsiders. 

003. Please be active! We cant treat you right if we can't see you~ Kickouts will be after 72 hours of inactivity! Password is your favourite color.

004. Strictly no godmodding! Keep dramas as low as possible and do NOT face-chase and OTP-chase.

 005. Unlimited CC but keep a 2 week gap in between! Temp CCs lasts for a week. 

006. TL is unrated but please refrain from talking about sensitive topics. No RTing NSFW things and sm*t in dms please. for the pw it must be your favorite color from the seven colors of rainbow.

007. Love whoever you want but both parties must be in the RP for 3 days. Marriage after a month of dating. Move-in couples are allowed. 

008. Mention or DM base when going on H or SH. 

009. Limit the OOC, please. 

010. Socialise with everyone, and have fun

how to join!

001// Scrolls.

002// Check masterlist to pick an FC. Can't decide? Check out our wish list and make one of our wishes come true. You can add/remove 3 years to your faceclaim's original age!

003// Send us your application form via the thread's comment section or mention us on Twitter.

004// You have 48 hours to make your account once accepted. You can ask for an extension.

005// Add Selenite, age, and occupation somewhere in your bio.

006// Follow everyone and mention base for verification.

007// Username format is @(idolname)nite or @nite(idolname).

updates & events!


application form!

full name




brief background

how long have you lived in selenite




taken / reserved

BESTIE// dahye

BOYS REPUBLIC //  suwoong

BTS // jungkook / suga

F(X) // krystal 

GUGUDAN // hana

MONSTA X // shownu / wonho / minhyuk / hyungwon

NINE MUSES // sojin

NUEST // ren

TWICE // momo

VIXX// leo / ravi / hongbin


SOLO// hyuna

OTHERS// ahn lina / lim bora


GROUP NAME // name / name / name / name / name/

GROUP NAME // name / name / name

GROUP NAME // name / name / name

GROUP NAME // name

GROUP NAME // name / name / name / name


SHOWNU // rest of monsta x / vixx / aoa jimin / sistar bora

LEO // rest of vixx / gugudan esp ogu ogu 

MINHYUK // rest of monsta x

GROUP NAME // name

GROUP NAME // name / name / name / name


SCROLLS // details

NAME X NAME // details

NAME X NAME // details

NAME X NAME // details

NAME X NAME // details



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snowfaerie 0 points #1
song dahye
underground rapper
introducing BARBIE, the most problematic rapper. born song dahye to a drug addicted mother and a father nowhere to be found, this fierce rapper is all about making sure people know who she is and will never forget her. feisty attitude and strong skills in rapping and dance, dahye always knew she was destined for stardom, even if scandals fall around her left and right.
three years
gmt - 8
0 points #2
Hong Jisoo
At a young age, Hong Jisoo had lost both his parents. Leaving only him to mend their flower shop in the town. Moving back to Selenite wasn't the only thing he had to get accustomed to but also his old home and friends he had long forgotten. Jisoo also goes by the name Joshua, only a few people would call him so. Jisoo will have to survive on the profits he makes from the flower shop and learn, causing him his busy schedule.. spending all his time just to mend the store and not able to find love.
baby blue
0 points #3
Min Yoongi (Suga)
Music Composer
Yoongi fell in love with music at a young age. Immense passion and happiness ran through him when his fingers caressed the piano his mother kept in the living room. As he grew up, he found his talent at creating music and that's what he pursued in college. Not everything was lollipops and daisies but if it wasn't for those struggles, he wouldn't have reached this point in time.
About 4-5 years
Gmt -5
Quirkyqueen #4
lim bora
fashion model
• bora refused to go to college since she wanted to pursue her dream of being a famous model, just like her mother. she thought applying for a university was just a waste of time. she was never interested in school subjects, all she cared about was walk down the runways, be in commercials, and wear designer clothes. her father is a world-class pianist, her mother used to be a supermodel. bora's able to speak five different languages, which are english, chinese, spanish, french and german.
- about half a year
// my favorite color is pink, yet purple if i had to choose among colors of the rainbow
kim jongin.
sports coach at a local high school.
as a child, jongin had no real family. his parents were buried 6 feet deep and his relatives refused to take care of him, passing him around like a game of hot potato. he was always an athletic child, more street smart than book smart and many of his peers believed in his abilities, cheering him on during school games and whatnot. however, the lack of a good upbringing deterred jongin from his bright future, and his streets smarts began coming in handy once he began hanging out with the.. not-so-safe crowd. his involvement with gangs and crime started at age 15, causing a lot of trouble in his life. on his 21st birthday, he was in too deep and after committing a horrible, unspeakable crime, he realized this was not his calling. he decided to change for the better, cut off all ties to the gangs, changed his name from jongin to kai and moved to selenite city.
1 year.
elogueend #6
full name: hirai momo
group: twice
age: 21
occupation: 3rd year student, part time baker in a café
background: what could momo expect from her family in japan? living under a restriction to be a 'yamato nadeshiko' made her turn into a rebellious lass. she didn't even think about it to pack her stuffs and move abroad into selenite, a city where she struggled to pursue a scholarship for fashion design. supported by her cooking and baking skills when she was raised in japan, she was thankfully able to afford her own necessities by working as a part time baker.
timezone: +7
how long i have lived in selenite: 3 years
password: red
Full name: Ahn Lina
N/a: Model
Age: 20
Occupation: Tattoo Artist
Background: After struggling with mental illness on her own, Lina decided to leave everything behind and give herself a brand new beginning. As soon as she finished university and got her diploma, she moved right out her parent's house and found a new place to live. She's preferred to be alone ever since she was a child, her family didn't mean too much for her. Fighting with rent, bills, and trying to keep her illness under control, Lina is now a full-time tattoo artist.
How long: A few months.
Timezone: GMT +2/3
Password: February
Name: Choi Minki
Group: Nu'est
Age: 21
Occupation: student + waiter at a cafe
Background: Minki or also know as Ren was always a pretty shy persons and had a hard time making friends . Growing up with a loving family and having a brother too he didn't have a hard life but once he got older enough and decided to enter in a well known university he decided to move there too so it would be easier for him. That was as a chance to try and change, make friends and stop being so shy. His family supported him with his decision so like that he left , starting a life alone.
How long have you stayed in Selenite: 3 yeaea
Timezone: GMT +3
Password: November
Princess-r #9
Kim nayoung
age: 21
occupation: part time student, cat cafe barista, aspiring model
Born to fairly wealthy parents, some might say Nayoung was well off. Lucky, even. But her parents often left her with a nanny while they went on expensive trips, rarely making appearances in her life. Even when they were home, they never really had time for her. She'd gone through about 8 nannies between the ages of nine and thirteen, never becoming close to them since they each spent so little time with her. She got to the point that she didn't even acknowledge them, knowing they wouldn't be around long. Her last nanny stuck around the longest. But she was the worst of them all, having no shame in smacking Nayoung around. Without anyone to tell, Nayoung dealt with it until she turned eighteen. She packed her bags and left, staying on the streets for two years before she finally got back on her feet.
has been in selenite for a little under a year.
tz: gmt-5
pw: November
myonlycrush #10
full name: shin bora
group: gugudan
age: 24
occupation: aspring vlogging, part time cat cafe caretaker
background: being a aimless deliquint during her childhood and school days, she recently found a love for travelling and making videos. she worked her way through to be able to travel to her liking. she came to Selenite 2 years ago for travel and to film but she has decided to settle down in the town, making new content in the town. she also works part time as a caretaker in a cat cafe to earn herself some money.
how long have you stayed in Selenite: 2 years
Timezone: +8
Password: April