Whatever It Takes

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Power hungry chaebols will stop at nothing to get what they want. But this time, Hwang Minhyun will stop everything. 

PS YALL I KNOW IT SAYS 35 CHAPTERS but that's cuz i plan out little blurbs of what each chapter is gonna be and hide the chapter while i work on it so yeah.... :)



The world is scary.

But the world of chaebols is even more so. 

Hidden here are there are people, hungry for power...hungry enough to kill.

It's filled with love, filled with hate.

It's filled with a situation that gets darker and even more complicated as these young chaebols try to stop them. 

It's going to be hard.

But they'll do whatever it takes.

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pinkypn #1
Chapter 23: Oh no they didn't. Minhyun and yuhee will not be broken apart. How their own friend backstab them and act like nothing.
Chapter 22: Thank you so much for the update! Had been waiting since a long time for your update~♥
Chapter 21: It's been long since I checked up on this story, and finally, I've read the latest chapter update. Like the idea of all the guys working together, but why do I feel like Sungwoon is the one looking suspicious?! And that 'Justice league' mention in the end...=))) Looking forward for continuation.
delaycious #4
Chapter 21: i absolutely love this story so muchhh thank you for writing it <3 and omfg yes i can imagine yuhee & pinky ANDDDD I KNOW SHES DATING MINHYUN HERE BUT IM GREEDY FOR MORE BAEJINXYUHEE (esp skinship) bc i find them vvvvv cute!!!!!!!! IM A WANNABLE ODINWOFWIO and also im vvv multifandom as well :') nice to meet you authornim!! <3 (by the way.. does KDKJ actually stand for.. Kang Daniel Kim JaeHwan perhaps? xD) <3
105 streak 1 points #5
Chapter 1: first chapter is intriguing, first minhyun story i'm reading (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)
pinkypn 1 points #6
Chapter 20: I think the should exclude sungwoon about this since he seems fishy. What they can do is ask him why did he come to the hospital so late or casually bring up why someone did that to minhyun and pay attention to his behavior. Are they not worried the jaehwan will going to jisung or Daniel about giving the usb/chip to minhyun
Juanetaaa 1 points #7
Chapter 20: Yasss... finally..
1 points #8
Chapter 20: Yaayyyyy I was desperately waiting for your update!!! XD
Chapter 1: haha i liked the 1st chapter. i really want new ent which will surpase yg,jyp,sm and really want a new group which will be as popular as gangnam style
1 points #10
Chapter 19: So excited for the next chapter!!! Wonder what aare they gonna do to Jisung and Daniel >_< Although it's hard to see Daniel as a villain but it suits the plot well.