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☾ Moon Spell
☾ Moon Spell
   you say witch like it is a bad thing
Stay wild moonchild!
Under the full moon during eight friends summer vacation, they find a old dusty book of witchcraft in their friend's grandmothers home. They find a ritual in the book that would make them friends forever as a friendship blood oath according to one friend. That night the eight highschool teenagers perform a blood oath ritual all together under the full moon just drinking and enjoying their last summer in highschool. 

The group goes their separate ways after highschool, never repeating their crazy wild summer messing around with witchcraft and doing the blood ritual. The each person finds their own way whether that be college or jobs just moving on with their lives until the past comes back to bite them. One of their friends can't seem to move on and misses their friends and the great memories of that summer. The friend again on the full moon they do another blood ritual using items from that summer to bring everyone back to those good times. 

Of course, this friend does the wrong ritual and nothing happens until these eight people start expressing having witch-y like powers of their own. they all meet up back at said friend grandmother's house only to come find from great old grandma that their friend has turned them into witches that now have to fight the good fight from nightmares parents tell their kids aren't real and the monsters that hide in the night. How will eight adluts handle saving the innocent and juggle their daily lives together once again? 
follow the rules!
01 : Subscribe if you are intrested in applying, upvoting is up to you.
02 : No bashing of any kind. Be nice to each other or your app will be rejected.
03 : Three girls, four guys will be chosen. sorry, i took a spot.
04 : Applicant x applicant on the love interest end.

05: If chosen, please comment regularly. it lets me know people are still interested for the story.
06 : Have fun & more to come on the cheatsheet.
more information!
TITLE : moon spell
AUTHOR : twiillaa
GENRE : angst, comedy, romance, friendship, slice-of-life, magic, fanasty, supernatural, au
CREATED : august 8 2017
application form : source / example
UPDATE (08/08) : story is posted and plotlines to be up soon!
UPDATE (08/13) : story is open! i can't wait to read everyone's applications!
AUTHOR'S NOTE  so sue me, i made another one. i have nothing esle to say but i hope people are interested and looking forward to applying or simply just reading.




[MoonSpell]; i linked a page that describes the moonchildren's listed powers as i forgot to in the cheatsheet, it also has the inspiration for the book of shadows on the updates page!

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Chapter 8: I do like the teaser!! And I honestly cant wait for the story!! So.. hwaiting!!
Chapter 4: Thank you for the kind review!! I am really anticipating on the story and I hope it'll start soon? xD good luck and i'm really anticipating it. Thank you again!!
Chapter 4: omg i wrote my app while i was really sleepy,, i was afraid i'm going to mess it up
but thank you for the nice review!! i know right- why don't anyone use mx as faceclaims.
and and i'm glad that you like jun!!!! thank you again.
Chapter 3: I have a question. Is it fine to have a collab for love interest section? Means my frind send in an app, but my character is her love interest and her character is mine. Is it fine?
Chapter 5: Excited for the teaser!
Chapter 4: Oh ok ill get to work
violet321 #7
Interesting ^^
Twiillaa! you always come up with the coolest themes for apply fics (':
You had me at moon spell--
I'm definitely going to apply for this :D<3
Yay another cool fic from you!