My Best Friend's a Wingman

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Kai is Skylar's best friend.
Skylar likes Sehun.
Kai is sort of friends with Sehun.
What better ways to get a guy you like by having your best friend as your wingman?


“Prick,” I mutter. “Don't make me regret asking for your judgment. What else?”

Kai scans me up and down, eyes like a hawk hunting for its prey. “Your lips.” Um. Okay? What's wrong with my lips? I send him a confused look and he appears simultaneously taken aback and insulted that I have no clue. “Why are they chapped all the time? It's like a guys repellent.”

I move my hand to smack him but he blocks my hit. “God I really hate you right now,” I groan.

“Trust me, having sisters I notice all the important details.”

Though annoyed, I can't believe I'm considering all of his so-called advice right now. “So what should I do?”

He claps his hands together as if he's a coach guiding his player to the right track. “S.B.H.T.”

“Come again?”

“Lip Scrub, lip Balm, Hydrate—as in drink your water—then, lip Tint.”

“You seem proud to know this grooming technique.”

“Minus the tint, why do you think girls can't resist these lips?” He winks, causing me to roll my eyes even harder.

“Gross. Please spare me the gory details.”





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lalaleelee 0 points #1
Chapter 16: Weee! I caught up again! I was starting to cry because I thought of what kai said in her dream, but it was just a DREAM thank god lol.

Sorry it's been awhile since I replied and read your stories, hope you're doing well in uni ^^
Exokites 88 streak #2
Chapter 16: Kai is so damn goood of an actor if he has any feelings because he is like all platonic, like girlfriends you know, who only root for your crushes, well unless they like them too, usually friends back-off but you never know haha omg I'm crazy
bymnaa #3
Chapter 16: made my day !
12 streak 1 points #4
Chapter 16: Skye's concerns are completely valid I mean sometimes I get those weak moments where I think back to whether I've done enough for my group of friends and in those yall it's crippling swear it ain't the most pleasant feeling gosh she's so relatable it's awesome and of course the best part is when the mishap is cleared up and it seems that your friendship has grown bigger than it has before it's the most wonderful feeling lol I love the duo gosh but I don't know what I like better, them as best friends or as lovers ahsdkafjal cuz sehun ain't making it easy to pick. anyways great chapter~~ for some strange reason I miss Vernon :((( bit overbearing but will admit he grows on you hahahah thanks for the update~~ mwa
Aida_Rusdi #5
Chapter 16: I really love this friendship drama. Remind me of my only guy best friend, he's not here as he needs to sit for his exam this semester I guess. He'll be back in Dec. People love to say we should be more than friends but I just love him that way.
Chapter 16: Oh wow imagine you were just coming back to school after a few days of sickness and your crush said glad to see you again. I would definitely have a nice dream that night ><
Chapter 11: Had to double read and commenting twice bcs this friendship is so asdfghjkl beautiful #streamtears
Chapter 11: It's not only Skylar who formed a lump in , me toooooooo :'( kaiiiii why are you being so full of sacrifices it makes me cry
Nice update, good chapter, good development as well (introducing new characters). Hopefully one of them will be Skye's new friend coz Skye has to have a girl friend. She could not be hanging around with Kai forever so at least when Skye and Kai both arguing, Skye has another friend to hang out with and bad-mouthing Kai XDDD. But then again, we all know how dangerous innocent+pretty girl can be. She can be a psychopath for all we know... and somehow this story with turn into thriller fic XDD
Anyway, i have one more thing to say. For the love of God, I want to see some romance!! ASDFGHJKL I DONT CARE WHICH PAIR JUST PUT SOMETHING!! PUT SOMEONE KISSING OR SOMETHING! EVEN IT JUST IN DREAMS COZ I'M DESPERATE LIKE THAT. /enough rants.

Good luck for next chapter! Fighting! ^^
Chapter 9: Aww! It's refreshing to learn their childhood memories. Thx for this <3