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A yoonsic shot; since I am missing them so much.

O will be back very soon. 💕

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r_sky418 #1
Chapter 28: Wowwww i like it and i miss yoonsic so muchhh
Chapter 28: Whoa~
oungie87 #3
Chapter 27: Thanks for yoonsic chat
kungfuboy #4
Chapter 27: I will check the video later.
Thanks for sharing

My Yoonsic feels...
oungie87 #5
Chapter 26: By.. Long time ya... I think you're so busy.. Just enjoy it your day... Your story always be interesting for me... Sis. Please make a story again... Like another one. Eh
allayjadhule #6
Chapter 26: Woahhh what is it so love story yoonsic ^^
23 streak #7
Chapter 26: Woah there.
Krystlxjung_ #8
Chapter 24: Btw what do you mean by "TW"? Im curious tho hahaha
Chapter 24: This is interestinggggg~
oungie87 #10
Chapter 24: Weh? Arent they always flirt with another girl or what? Tsk.. tsk.. i see if yoona be like that, but sica too? Nah, here your story is interesting