We Don't Sell Our Souls


He had this look in his eyes, like he was seeing past all the concrete walls and dusty windows, into the heart of the city. Not everyone in Seoul had seen its deepest crevices. Usually, Naeil was either immediately drawn or repelled by people like this. But when it came to Min Yoongi…she wasn’t sure what to think at all.

The wind came through and Naeil felt strands of her hair tickling her cheeks, making them tingle. His hair, too, was brushed against his pale forehead, blown by the same wind she felt on her skin. His face glowed with the same pleasure at the chilling rush of that breeze.




Starting a fire in the girls’ bathroom is never a good idea. Starting a fire in the girls’ bathroom because some guy chased by gangsters needed to get rid of a sketchy package is definitely not a good idea.

He disappeared with the smoke.

That was how it should have ended—so why did he have to reappear? He was from a darker world, the cruel part of Seoul that Naeil had been running from all her life. Turns out, she wasn’t the only one running.






We don't cry at nighttime





We don't hide at dawn





We don't run from gangsters





We don't blink at guns





We don't look for trouble





We don't want the world





We don't feed our demons





We don't sell our souls









This story wasn’t supposed to exist - I told myself I wouldn’t write another one after I finished the first, but I couldn’t help it...

Last fanfic I wrote was to help me practice my writing. I’m writing this because there are a lot of aspects of the HYYH/Wings era that have really affected me personally entering adulthood and trying to find myself, and I just wanted to express that, I guess

There's a lot of cool symbolism BTS/their managers put effort into for HYYH/Wings MVs, but it doesn't play a big part in this fanfic (like none of the multiple personality stuff, sorry). I feel like there is a lot of story you can pull from the characters presented in those MVs which express a lot of the things we go through in life, and I wanted to focus on those inner stories. You'll probably notice a looooot of things from MVs in this fanfic.

Even though this story is nearer to my heart than the last one, I still have the same goals:

1. Finish it

2. Make it enjoyable/entertaining

3. Make it understandable, readable, and with good grammar

But this time with more of a focus on expressing myself rather than just writing well.

And like I said before, even though I’m writing BTS fanfic, I hope anyone will enjoy reading this just as a good story on its own!!

I will gladly and super enthusiastically take any feedback, positive or negative! The best part of writing for me is interacting with all of you who take the time to read my work and share your thoughts on it!!!


Chapters are pretty short, but there will be a lot of them, hopefully two every week.....if I can survive.

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Chapter 34: Guess who's your first subscriber on YT~ :D
By the way, I noticed 'Walt' by Yoko Kanno wasn't in the playlist. You put 'Fugl', which of course also is a beautiful song by the amazing Yoko Kanno (to who you introduced me btw! I can't thank you enough!) but i'ts not the one you used in the chapter so I thought I should tell you in case it was a mistake.
And you know what? The videos for the second, seventh (not Agust D, the other), eighth, and thirty second chapters aren't available in my country lol :') Maybe that's why my phone was telling me "video unavailable" when I was reading the chapters..
Anyways, once again thank you for the playlist, I love it!
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Chapter 33: I want to smash my head against a wall. I deleted my comments because I thought that I posted 2 times the same. But no it was just that I had commented on this chapter and the playlist so they were following each other... Sigh...

Yay I finally finished the last updates! And it's not cheesy, it's cool, don't worry!
I'm listening to the playlist right now and I love it! There's a lot of R&B and I love R&B so~ Thank you! :)
Take your time to be satisfied with your editing and all!
Can't wait for Part II!
Serenblossoms #4
Chapter 33: Arghhhhhhhhhj, I’m gonna die from this! I don’t want Naeil’s mum to die! Waaaasaaaa, stupid men who just kill for not reason. I’m glad Naeil had someone to call to back her up. Poor Yoongi. Always doing something he regrets. I wonder how hangeover soup tastes? I feel like it tastes not so great, but I wouldn’t know cause I’m underage and I rather not kill my brain cells. I like to stay smart and not deteriorate to being dumb. I’m going to be excited when part 2 starts and I shall hope that nothing will end up killing me in the next chapter.
Amuchi321 1 points #5
MeowMeowKinny 1 points #6
Chapter 33: Jesus christ this whole chapter got my heart racing over the suspense. I can't wait for part II!
Chapter 32: i thought there’s romance ??
Serenblossoms 1 points #8
Awww, take your time! And good luck to your upcoming exams! Make sure to study and try not to fail!
Wait, there’s only 3 chapters till part 1 is over... Welp, I’m gonna die when that 3rd chapter comes out. I feel like there’s gonna be a cliffhanger cause who wouldn’t have a cliffhanger at the end of a part 1? ...Well guess whose gonna suffer now?
Serenblossoms #9
Chapter 30: Awwwwwww, I’m dying right now! (Well, not really cause I’ve had worse things thrown at me from Themis story) Poor Yoongi! All he needed was a caring somebody and I’m glad Naeil was there to take care of the drunk Yoongi. I’m glad Naeil told Yoongi that he should live cause no one should want to die. (Plus, it doesn’t really work with the story, unless he dies at the end, in which, please don’t) I hope Naeil persuades Yoongi to make amends with jungkook. Though I pretty sure Juyoung will definitely get in the way somehow.
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Chapter 30: The further we're going into the story, the more shook I am...
It seems like Yoongi and Naeil are going to be each other's healing. I think it'll be a beautiful story, even if not easy. (Maybe I'm wrong but that's how I imagine it haha)
I really relate to Naeil (and you too then, but we already know that we're really similar!). And I was particularly touched when she said, "Not that. Just the fact that you're living now. (to the end of her line)". It really rings to me (is this even said?) :)