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Love is blind, and people in love are blinder.


"I'm lost."

"Aren't we all?" She muttered wryly, wiping her hands on a napkin. 

Lim Chaeyeon, Jongin decided, was different. It was like the whispers in the halls didn't affect her at all. The whispers of her ice-cold exterior were false. The claims that she was incredibly rich were partially true. The murmurs of how her sister was a shame to her family for running off with another girl?

Well, they had no idea. Anyone who believed any of those three things didn't know her at all.

This is going to be different from my other stories! This is more fluff rather than anything with action or anything psychological. The writing style is very different as well!

WARNING: each chapter is very very short because I wanted it to be a snapshot into their lives, and because of that, I'll probably be updating often. This is a short story in general, and just as a heads up, each chapter is going to be set in the past except for the last one. There a special meaning to the title, but no, it will not be 88 chapters because that would just be poor writing. 

This is similar to a slice-of-life fic as each chapter is a snapshot of an important memory. It starts out fluffy and eventually gets deeper, but it primarily stays light-hearted as it follows the main characters as grow up over several years.

I started writing this fic simply because I wanted to see if I could. I typically write much darker stuff and I didn't think I was capable of fluff. 

UPDATE 14/08/17: I will most likely change this to a subscriber's only fic because I'm not very comfortable with not knowing who is reading my story. I understand that this may be frustrating for some because of the style of fic, where there's a low wordcount per chapter, and because of that I have included an excerpt below.

“I haven’t seen you around lately.”

Chaeyeon shrugged, her hair down today and spilling over her shoulders, “That’s because I haven’t been around.”

She didn’t offer more of an explanation than that, and he didn’t push for one. “I’m jealous. Three days ago I had to drag Kyungsoo out of a fight.”

At that, she put down her book, looking a bit incredulous. “I think I heard you say Kyungsoo, and I think I don’t believe you.”

He grinned, sitting down at the library table and leaned back, ruffling his hair, “No, someone actually tried to fight Kyungsoo, and the poor guy was so confused and kept asking, ‘But why?’ Apparently, the angry guy who wanted to fight Kyungsoo had just broken up with his girlfriend, and he overheard her say that she thought he was cute and-”

Jongin paused at her bright eyes and quiet laughter, realizing that he was practically babbling to her. In the short time that he had known her, she had a funny way of making the world seem a little bit clearer.

Almost like a compass in an explorer’s hand.

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Don't demand updates and don't push for updates. If I'm not updating, I'm probably very busy. If you do mention waiting for an update or anything like that, I will side-eye you incredibly hard because of how frequently I update. Also, please don't call me author-nim. If you have to call me anything, call me Blu.

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