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Jungkook, a famous actor meets Jimin, a rising actor. Jimin who knows how famous Jungkook is take this opportunity to become famous by seducing him. Taehyung, Jimin's secret boyfriend and a fallen actor knows what Jimin is planning to do and tries to stop him with the help of Hoseok, a not so famous actor. Seokjin, who's mom is friends with Jungkook's mom comes to Korea to be the housekeeper for Jungkook. When Jungkook is with Jin, he feels happy and rested while being with Jimin, only drama follows........


Sorry if the description kinda changed, I just got more idea. This is inspired by a drama I watched. The description shouldn't change.

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Seoulqueenka #1
Chapter 7: Jimin don’t be a bad person!! Please realize he doesn’t like you or Jungkook Taehyung!! He only likes himself (in the story lol love you Mochi!!!)!!! Great work and I really like this story!!!
Chapter 7: I hope it will ending with jinkook..I came for them...please authornim..but it nice story authornim, keep it up!
Chapter 7: HoSeok & TaeTae can't be a stalker.,, they're clumsy.!!!! & cute
allesh 19 streak #4
Chapter 7: I kinda like this story. Would lije to read more of this now. Waiting for your uodate
Seoulqueenka #5
Chapter 1: I’m here for Jinkook!! I hope Jimin doesn’t ruin Jungkook’s career!!
Chapter 6: Jinkook fluff
I need this badly
Thanks for the update ^3^
Chapter 6: It's not a joke JungKook
In a matter of fact it is a fact that Jinnie had a crush on you
Chapter 5: I re-read it again
I really loved this story
Plz update frequently
Chapter 5: Open up already JungKook
You want Jin.,, admit it
Chapter 4: Been a long time since the last update
I kind of forgetting this story & I end up reread it again... Hehe
BTW this is good authornim
Keep up & good luck