You Will be Mine !!

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Minatozaki Sana is a daughter of rich man. Her father is an owner the biggest company in Japan but no one know about it since she live in Korea and she never show it. She is a cheerful person, kind and smart so she have a lot of friends. But no one know that actually she is a broken girl. She had a lot of money, she can buy anything what she need and what the other girl want so easy, but that can't make her happy, she alway feel empty and lonely since she never spend her time  with her family or meet her parents. One day, she met a guy named Chou Tzuyu, the cold guy. Sana feel if he is the same with her, lonely. Sana determined to change him.


This is a gender bender fanfic with Tuzyu, Jeongyeon and Chaeng as guy. Also this is my first fanfic, i hope you can enjoyed it. I'm so sorry for my grammar error and all of pict in this story are not mine. thank to the owner : )


Please leave comment, it will help me a lot in make story. Tahnks : )


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Chapter 7: ohoooo ninja and samurai are here!! naruto & bleach oh yeah
i think jeong and the others will save sana and let tzuyu then they will think that tzuyu is dead.....ect or they will be all saved by chaeng
but if there is another option that will suprise us i'll look forward to it!
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Chapter 7: I hope Tzuyu will be able to protect Sana and herself
Chapter 6: Whutttt. Oh my gawd. Im speechless. What will happen next.
Chapter 6: action is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 5: hohoohohohoohoooooooo !!! it was a fantastic chapter!!
Chapter 5: Yes i knew it lol XD your story is great tho. Its exciting and cant wait for the next chapter.
Chapter 4: Well i think tzuyu is from other planet. Hahaha actually i think tzuyu is like kim sohyun from drama my love from the star. Now i think this is stupid. I dont really know who tzuyu is? Maybe he is a sana's father rival since tzuyu also have many companies
Chapter 4: I hope Tzuyu will be ok as long as Tzuyu protects her :">
Chapter 4: oh yeah we need a chapter for him!! every chapter is making me more attached to the story!! keep going!!
Chapter 3: wooow so i think tzuyu is working in sana's father corporation!