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"I'm not fat. It's just my awesomeness swelling up inside me."

- Choi Jieun



In a society where one's physical appearance defines a person, Choi Jieun's struggle is real. She's not the skinny girl that guys want. She does not have abs that she could show-off during summer. She's a potato - an attractive, intelligent and cute potato.  



"I stay a bit overweight because it wouldn't be fair to all the skinny people if I were this attractive, intelligent, funny AND thin. It's a public service really," Jieun stated, rolling her eyes with sass as she flipped her hair. Her sister chuckled, shaking her head in awe. 

"You're really awesome."

"I know and I'll continue being awesome, dear sister," she replied as she continued eating her macaroons. 







  Kim Jongin // Choi Jieun // Oh Sehun




Dumb Dumb - Red Velvet

A Girl Like Me - Gugudan

Signal - Twice

Tender Love - EXO

Adore U - Seventeen

Just Right - Got7


◙ from 00kaiholic00

Hi fellow cute potatoes!! This story is for all of us!!! We're awesome even if we're not skinny :) I'm writing this to comfort

And of course, Kim Jongin will be in this too!! I added Sehun because he's climbing my bias list. The two of them will be the male leads and I cannot guarantee you that the OC (Jieun) will end up with Jongin or any of the two in that note...hehehe...I'm still thinking of how I'll go with this. 

Give this story a chance :) 

Don't plagiarize or I'll curse you. I'm not joking. 

Thank you Sabrina for the poster :)

Thank you Cherry Dragon Shop for the poster:

Thank you rcllaa from Custom Collective for the very cute poster! 


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Find out who the culprit is in Chapter 16 of MBL...

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-oOOo- 0 points #1
Chapter 16: MY GOD NO ARA YOU BETRAYED MY TRUST I LITERALLY SAID WHEN YOU BECAME JIEUN'S FRIEND "I hope Ara is a friend and doesn't do anything to Jieun" WHY ARA WAE?????
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Chapter 16: Shooocckkks! I can't believe it's Ara!
But I'm relieved that it's not Sarang..hehehe
Thanks for the chapiie ?
zo-chan 0 points #3
Chapter 16: Nooooooooo Ara noooooooooooo ...
I trusted you :'(
Thank you for the chapter~♡
Yuikuran1 0 points #4
Chapter 16: Why did I kinda sorta expect Ara to do this kinda ?
142 streak 0 points #5
Chapter 13: I'm glad she made a new friend, I don't think Ara hates her already to do something like that.
Baekhyun was so cute, he's adorable.
I wonder who is the culprit and why.
142 streak 0 points #6
Chapter 12: Sehun is such a cutie, I can't believe.
Why would anyone do that to Jieun? Crazy people.
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Chapter 16: Oh man talk about plot twist
ememsong 0 points #9
Chapter 16: whatttt can't wait for the next chapter!
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Chapter 16: I thought 'he' was misspelled but with there being an emphasis on it I guess not... But damn!!! Ara crazy!!!