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JoA - I Like You! 


July 25 | Tentative deadline September 30

JoA is a six-member girl group formed by AOSU Entertainment, a subsidiary of AOMG Entertainment. They are the first group to be under either label, and the their debut is very much anticipated. Will they be a hip-hop group? A generic girl group? A cover group?

Well, no one knows yet, but coming from Jay Park and Simon Dominic, JoA is sure to have quality music. However, will the members be able to keep up with the idol life? Do the members know something that no one else does? Most importantly, will they last in the industry?



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author's note


Finally_Home: Hello! You can call me Maggie, and this is the second applyfic we've collaborated on. The other one has already started, but I wanted to do a girl group apply as well, so I roped Annie into it. Sorry not sorry lol. Yeah, we cuss and everything, and we enjoy humor, but by comparison, this story will be a bit sadder than our other one. Also, we're both starting junior year (11th grade American) once September comes, so we'll be really busy. Please forgive.

marshybleep: Heyyyyyy! I'm Annie the glorified editor! Btw, the fanclub color is #dd93ff lavender. 

debut song: Secret
original: WJSN
fanclub: Joheun



title — JoA - I Like You!
authors — Finally_Home / marshybleep
genre — slice of life, friendship, light angst, romance
characters — tbd
disclaimer — We are not responsible for any feels this story might bring you. No copyright infringements intended. We have nothing to do with either GFRIEND or BoA. GFRIEND's pictures were used because they have six members; our group name formatting was a coincidence.
deadline — tbd

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Chapter 7: Don't stress about it! school always comes first :)
you both got this!
Chapter 7: Dont stress yourself with school!! Just do your best, loved the most recent teaser :) The comments made me laugh!
marshybleep #3
Chapter 6: Haha, the IOI angst is real <3
63 streak #4
Chapter 7: ouo
Is this so? kekeke
Ay ya'll shut tf up
Chapter 1: Yayy another teaser it was nice and i enjoyed reading it ^^
Chapter 3: Okay i fixed her relationships with her parents!
Chapter 3: Also my little sisters name is Aeryn - she styles it like Aerin or Eyrn - I totally forgot that!!
Chapter 3: THANK YOU, THANK YOU <3 <3 <3

Maybe V and Sena can date later on~ I think her career priorities are her number one - she wanted it for so long.. She does pretty much love him - legit takes her breath away. I guess Sena doesn't want to have this expectation that they need to date to 'see each other' but I think she'd turn into a jealous monster if V was to date someone officially.. they can be "Officially unofficially dating" - cute way of saying friends with benefits...

If you want more clarification on anything dont hesitate to ask, i just didnt want to BOMBARD you two with a small novel about Sena.

-Miramiiii out!
63 streak #9
Chapter 6: OuO
//not creeping on Aerhee friendship
The characters of the story are a U-Kiss line? Lol XD