The Forget-me-nots Flower Boy


Everyday Sehun gives pretty blue Forget me nots to Luhan, but Luhan still forgets.


"Don't fall in love with me."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"It's my way to warn you."

"And what if I still fall in love with you?"

"Please don't. I don't want to leave a delusional brat like you behind sulking on my grave when I die."





Hello you ! Thank you for reading this story, I really hope you'll like it :)


A/N- I will try my best to update this book everyday because I really want to finish it in one month.

FIRST PUBLISHED | 18/07/2017

STARTED | will start after one of my other stories is completed :)




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1 points #1
Hello ^^ I can't wait for the update I hope this is not a sad Ending T_T because I don't have more tears to cry on HunHan stories but I'll still read it if it is lol
1 points #2
Greetings to my favorite authornim ^^ I see that you're back with yet another stunning and unique concept! I'm looking forward to be amazed by your writing! (Which would most likely exceed my expectations, cause.... well... that's what happened with all your other stories XD)

There is no real rush to finish immediately any of the fanfics you're currently writing (even though I crave for your updates and am quite restless for this upcoming story XD). Just do what you have always been doing; write with passion! Don't be too pressured. Once again, thank you so much for coming up with these amazing fanfics and sharing them with us. I hope that you will keep updating your current stories and pls stay healthy!
BTSforever 1 points #3
All of your stories are absolutely amazing so I'm very excited for this one as well!
Thank you for writing these beautiful stories
1 points #4
wow amazing
(lay style)
Dianajusanin 1 points #5
I love everything you wrote..
ZDK358 1 points #6
Hi Harman-unnie! You come back with new story!!!! I almost not recognize you because you change your id name. Good luck with this story!! Fighting!!
ruhanlu 1 points #7
will it be angst or fluff? im nervous reading the foreword lol, anw ill standby till you post first chap~