From now on, it's you

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from now on, it's you and only you


enjoy reading~


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simple_dreamer88 #1
Chapter 1: More dayeon docs please :)
pringlesteam #2
Aaaaaaa dayeon<3<3<3
Anime_ffffan #3
Chapter 1: Love it pls upload more
Dwiwilujeng #4
Chapter 1: Can't comment too much, but i like it. Thank you for Made Dayeon fic
Chapter 1: "From now on, It's our first day" aaah that weekly idol moment xD
rainbowfluff #6
Chapter 1: Omg Awww dahyun thought she likes Sana but nope. I'm glad chaeng help her out. Dayeon are cuties ^_^ yet that tiny hint of 2na <3 tysm for writing this ^o^
Not a Dayeon shipper but I like it. I understood their emotions quite well. Good job~!