E.X.O Division



Eccentric - person who is bizarre, unusual.

Xenogenic - the supposed production of offspring markedly different from either parent.

Omnigatherum - miscellaneous assemblage or collection

Unit E: Baekhyun Byun, Yixing Zhang, Minseok Kim, Junmyeon Kim

Unit X: Jongdae Kim, Luhan, Zitao Huang, Kyungsoo Do

Unit O: Yifan Wu, Sehun Oh, Jongin Kim, Chanyeol Wu



"Welcome to E.X.O Division. We hope you enjoy your time here."


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TheOnesWe_Love741 #1
Köszönöm! SO many views! <3 ;)
Chapter 2: Can't wait for the kaixing parts ;'^D
Can't wait for the next update ~ the story sounds interesting! ~
Chapter 1: Are you rewriting the chapters??? I liked first ones btw both for Baekhyun and Suho.
Chapter 1: I'm already feeling bad for my Baekhyunie. TT
MarissaLeeC #5
Sounds interesting