Psychotic. Intense. Merciless.

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Wanting someone and to be wanted back is well and good, but at what cost?


First of all, if this story seems a bit familiar, that's because it is. I wrote this a couple of years ago, I think, and under another fandom. However, I'm no longer that interested in that said fandom but I still want to continue this story so....I'm sort of recycling it. I hope nobody minds. ^^;


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layan987 #1
Chapter 5: omg,i just found this story to day &i really love it,i hope you will update it someday because its soooo beautiful story. thank you
yanHae15 #2
Chapter 5: Eonni~ i hope you will update again soon. :(
Chapter 5: Please update again , auditor-nim..... I'm curious on the upcoming sequel....
yanHae15 #4
Chapter 5: authornim~ please update this again.... i really missed it.... >__<
_Whut_TOP #5
Chapter 5: Just found this and when I saw that it wasn't completed I went :-< and :-O. Lololol, but take your time. I hope you don't abandon this story though. It's amazing.
Crabapple #6
Chapter 5: I wanna know their age difference , like how old is hyuk in this past version
yanHae15 #7
eonni~ when will you update again??? i really want to know what happens next.....
sabiinyukk #8
Chapter 4: huuurr not realize it's not completed yet ;A; feel sorry to myself for waiting with 10000~~~% patient -_-
Ninichki #9
Chapter 5: Dear authot, just take your time :33 Write it how ever you find it the best~

I just found your story today and I'm already in love with it ;; <3
bluerose24 #10
Omg it looks like u aren't going to update any of your stories!! Ohh I got so attached to ur stories and just now I figured the dates of creation and updates ohhh there are so much gap! Lol I read a couple of ur stories before but I didn't care so much about the writer (sory) but finally when I opened ur profile and looked at ur stories I was like O_o I read that before! But I'm going to follow u now ^^