Quickly Infatuated and Falling Fast: Is it okay with you?


"It was infatuation at first. But over time, I realized I was...falling for you. Fast. Really Fast." Then I paused. "I'm already lucky as it is to have experienced falling for someone like you. So just like this, can I stay by your side?"

You just appeared out of nowhwere one day and I couldn't take my eyes off of you. Among all these people, I saw you.



This will be my second story that I have posted.

I hope you enjoy.

I'll try to update as often as possible.

Please review, subscribe, comment, and give suggestions (I might just do it).

I'm still new to this so please, criticize away.


Someone who ships these two so much.


P.S. I will edit the chapters from time to time. 

P.S.S. If this storyline already exists, I'm sorry. I haven't gotten around to reading all fanfics so I may not be aware. This was just something my brain had brewed for some time and I just wanted to share.

. Thank you. I never expected this much subscribers and views since I just started writing here. I thought I'd just have about 1000 views by the time I finish writing this story. Thank you so much. *deep bow*

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beutifulstranger #1
Chapter 17: damn sooo good
Chapter 17: Soojung finally meet sooyoung. And yeah, soojung looks like yoona. Haahaha
Chapter 16: Ah, sica's parents still not know that someone is a she
Chapter 15: Yah, soo. You really need to confess to sica
Gorjezzchoi #5
Chapter 15: Don't tell me sica already figure it out? Aahh so sweet of u Youngie,, Sica u're so lucky ?
Thank u for the update Author ssi ☺️
Fto3199 #6
Chapter 15: Ohhh myyy this is too cute ??
Chapter 14: Welcome back author ah. Thanks for the update
Chapter 13: It's okay! We will wait patiently for your update author-nim :) Good luck with your studies fighting! Do your best.
Chapter 13: T_T huhuhhuu
We shall await for your return author ssi ! Do well in your studies! Fighting!
Chapter 13: Will wait 4 ur updates soon :'3