Devil's Retribution


Jeonghan had never thought twice about pulling the trigger on his gun - nor dwelled on the fact that he killed people everyday. The house he lived in, the clothes he wore, the food he ate, were all bought with money from his job. His job of murdering. Jeonghan had only one regret. Not killing that blind boy the moment he stepped into Jeonghan's home. He regretted not killing Joshua.



Disclaimer: There are many mentions of blood, murder, killing, knives, guns. There may also be mentions of needles, drugs, etc. If you are not okay with these topics, I suggest you do not read this fan fiction. For your sake, and for mine as well. I do not wish anyone be to hurt because of my writing. I promise to release something light hearted after this series. Thanks, Joey.

“Who are you?” Jeonghan questioned, backing away so that Joshua hands no longer touched him. “What do you want from me? Why did you come to my house? Why are you not afraid? Why?”


Despite Jeonghan’s rising voice, despite the gun pointed at his head, Joshua smiled. A smile that did not belong in Jeonghan’s home, the devil’s home. “I came because God told me to. That’s my only reason.”


At that moment, Jeonghan wondered - was this his punishment? Had God sent an angel to the devil’s home for punishment? With his gun pointed at the angel, Jeonghan thought, was this the beginning of his end?


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Vheal16 0 points #1
Chapter 11: The gang will be almost complete and the war will break soon..hoping for jeonghan and josh closure about the past and present
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Chapter 11: They're good and i'm good too. Omg im curious what joshua will do while the others gonna have a "war" with the boss XD
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Chapter 10: Aaarrghhh jeonghan hasnt known it yet :"(
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Chapter 9: I dont know why but there's something with this fic. It's....... cute.
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Chapter 8: Well... that's karma. But... gosh im weak for protective jeonghan
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Chapter 7: What? Someone call the boss? Oh my...
Jeonghan- #7
Chapter 10: Jack was him all along.
Chapter 10: Please let it be happy ending :"
anouyed #9
Chapter 10: i need the next chapter now
Chapter 9: ah that was super cute but sad at the same time ///