ed up love

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Oh Sehun, you smell like trouble and we both made a ing mess of ourselves.

Both of us are like the fire on a matchstick, we burnt out quickly but never of each other.

Oh Se ing Hun is trouble and I am ing in love with him.

Baek Su Min.

Name ; Sae Hanuel.

Oh Sehun.


5 years old, you and I standing opposite each other as I cried because you broke my set of crayons, I hated you.

10 years old, you and I are standing face to face with our hands outstretched because you pulled my hair and we got into a physical fight for that.

15 years old, you were on the street, drenched in rain as I held my umbrella over you, sheltering you and felt my heart shattered at the sight.

20 years old, you and I are looking at each other as you staggered over and kissed me in front of your girlfriend and in front of my boyfriend, sober as and it felt good.



Starting chapter : 02/07/2017

Ending chapter : -unknown-

Each chapter : 4 pages long

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Chapter 16: This story is so interesting, the plot so interensing and your writing style is so great. This fic deserve a lot of subscriber and comment authornim, so here i am commenting because you really deserve it :)) Hwaithing authornim and cant wait to see another update XD
Chap 6 done. 9 more to go. This is interesting
Chapter 13: TTTT i ship sehun and haneul to hard ??
-SBRPG 12 streak #4