니가 제일 싫어 I hate you the most


Junhyung and Hyunseung are neighborhood enemies in Dongdaemun, Seoul. They've been enemies since elementary until middle school. They hate each other so much to the point that they can’t live without the constant fighting. But then Junhyung had to move to Busan for high school. 6 years later, Junhyung moves back to Seoul to study in the College of Music at Kyunghee University not knowing Hyunseung is studying at the same University under the same College but a different major. Will they rekindle their — hatred?


This is my 2nd JunSeung fic! I was inspired to write a new one, this time with Junhyung and Hyunseung being the same age and attending college. Usually, fanfics are about high school students, never really showing what college is like. So, I'm gonna address that minority and write about college - and it's a good thing since I am a college student so what I write won't be too far from the truth.

Also, it's one of my favorites where main characters start off as enemies and... well... you know how it is~ ^^



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Kpoplover4ever4321 #1
Chapter 7: ㄹㅇ that's why you haven't been updating
Kpoplover4ever4321 #2
Chapter 6: Junseung Marriage you are invited
Kpoplover4ever4321 #3
Chapter 5: Oh so beautiful
Kpoplover4ever4321 #4
Chapter 4: I think me gonna cry
Kpoplover4ever4321 #5
Chapter 3: OMO ke ke ke ke you like him me right i am gonna set the wedding
Kpoplover4ever4321 #6
Chapter 2: Lol RUDE Hyunseung is just too cute
Kpoplover4ever4321 #7
Chapter 1: Omo I know you miss him
[deactivated] #8
Chapter 7: Kyahh I miss story. Author ssi IF you have time please update this story.

Kyahh waiting. Fighting!!
meohamTSxYG #9
Chapter 7: Awww, JunHuyng sure love HuynSeung alot :) His love is so strong...even after 6 years not seeing each other...still, he just keep falling in love with HyunSeung xD
I really love this fic! Good plot, well-written, cute :'>
Just...kinda sad that it hasn't been updated for a long time :( Really sad ! I'll patiently wait for next chap :< Not rushing but please update asap :)
Emanboo88 #10
Chapter 7: i like it updata dont take long