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City of Mon Writing Contest 2017

Ask your questions! 

City of Mon banner
City of Mon banner

06/28/17 - accepting entries.

06/28/17 - looking for sponsors.

06/28/17 - events will be added in the future.

06/29/17 - Rubric & prizes chapters is available.

06/29/17 - event #03 was added.

07/02/17 - New rule added #11

07/03/17 - We have our account go and ask your questions about the contest.


Welcome to the City of Mon! 

City of Mon is a writing contest dedicated to Bangtan's Boy leader Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster. Here we aim to bring all of the writers to come and join to increase the stories on this man's tag and hopefully help other's find great stories about him as the spotlight of the story. 

The purpose of this contest won't just be increasing the tag numbers but to also explore what you can do as a writer as we give the recognition this amazing human being deserves. All of the events are challenges! Some come with pre-set deadlines and others have unexpected deadlines. Yup! You read right. There will be challenges that you can start but need to be written under adrenalin rush because the deadline won't be revealed until a day before the deadline. There will also be themed events, so please look forward to that and anticipate it. If this contest manages to bring contestants and attention I will reveal the 5th event and final event.

0 participant

4 sponsors

3 events

rules & how to join

The rules are simple and I expect you to follow them just like you would to any other place you'd go.

1. All stories must be Namjoon centric.

2. You can write about any genre, but mantain triggering subjects rated accordingly. If there's a story that isn't rated properly you will be given a warning to fix it. If not followed or if you ignore the warning you will be disqualified.

3. Subscribe. This is how you'll be notified about updates and events. Up voting is a cup of coffee from your part to us admin and writers to keep us hyped up.

4. There must be a link in your foreword with the banner directing back here and use the tag cityofmon. This is to help me find the stories that are partcipating easier.

5. You can enter at any moment of the competition, even the day before the deadline. However, all fics must be finished by the deadline. While participating please keep your fic in AFF and not cross-posted elsewhere, but this does not apply to other writing contests. You can participate in other' events with the same story. Password: KNJ

6. You can enter a story already written but it must have been written recently this year since January 01, 2017 for it to qualify as an entry.

7. , idol x idol, idol x oc, general fic and bromance are all allowed; anything out of those is a definitive no.

8. Don't bash. Don't plagiarise. Don't start fights. If you do so you are disqualified.

9. One entry per event. 

10. Beta readers and co-authors are allowed but the price goes to the author; sharing or not is up for you to decide.

11. Make a blog stating your participation in the contest.

To join please copy & paste the following with your information:

story title:
story link:
Prompt # (only for The wise event):
Start date:

event #01 ─ the wise

Namjoon is known for being wise, thinking deeper than most and saying smarter things than others. Admittedly, Namjoon is full of wits and wise things to share from the core of his old beautiful soul. He is the kind of person who reflects on himself everyday to improve on himself and along the way as he does, Namjoon encourages others to do so...

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event #02 ─ rush hour

Namjoon is know for being a person that lives and creates the moment rather than waiting for the moment. This being due to the fact that he had undergone a heart surgery when he was 15 years old with only 30% chance of living. He's a person that rush hours mean everything to him because at any moment you will cease to exist...

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event #03 ─ cypher

If you’re an ARMY that has been around since the beginning of BTS you are probably aware of how the iconic Cypher songs started. These songs mean quite a lot to the rap line and especially to Namjoon who, as the face and leader of the group, didn’t wanted others to look down upon them...

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city of mon banner

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poster and banner by: anon-me
resources: Asphyxy

Cypher event closes soon! 20/09/2017
If you want to participate send your entry now.

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176 streak #1
Chapter 3: Is this contest on going? Or already closing??
I just know about your contest, authornim...
Chapter 4: This contest looks absolutely fantastic, I love the originality of it all and it shows how much time you've planning it all. That kind of dedication is absolutely admirable!
Chapter 2: Jsjsjsjsnvienoge I love the idea of this writing contest. I'd love to enter, I already have an idea for a Namjoon one-shot in mind and I'm thinking about making it an entry for Rush Hour, but I feel like I've discovered this contest too late and I feel like the deadline is coming up haha so I might not have my one-shot finished in time. But I'll try to write it and submit it before the deadline. ^^ Thank for this great contest though! :-D
Chapter 5: HI~ I just want to say I love you for hosting a contest dedicated to Namjoon TAT Anyway, I plan on writing for Cypher, however the deadline is near and I haven't come up with a storyline yet, and ten chapters might be a lot for this. I have a plot for Rush Hour, though, so I guess I'll focus on that now, if you dont plan on extending the deadline for Cypher. Anyway, Thanks so much! Please look forward to my entry (I do hope I'd be able to join T^T)
hi! first of all, thank you so much for hosting this contest dedicated to Namjoon <3 our leader deserves more love and appreciation. I would like to ask some questions: is their a words limit? and what's the meaning of those events, should we take them as an inspiration for the story? thanks in advance!
hi hi, i'm interested in joining but i'm just wondering if i have to post the story right away? because i usually don't come up with titles for my works until after i'm finished writing them and i don't want to post an untitled work. also, what should we put in the blog stating our participation? just the form?
Chapter 2: hey i want to join
but how am i supposed to write a 13k word story when i can't even write a 3k chapter
Hello, Namjoon stan here!
I'm very, very grateful and also surprised that a new writing contest came up with the theme being Namjoon-centric. Thank you for appreciating Namjoon and giving him the chance to shine like he so much deserves.
I don't know if I'll have time to write but I'll gladly stay subscribed to read the other entries because like you realized, there's not enough Namjoon fics compared to the maknae line, and that needs to change.
I am more than happy to sponsor your contest but I'll wait a bit to see if this contest can hold out and gain some entries before I donate. I've seen a few failed contests that have had sponsors but never finished and just went MIA, so I'm going to be a bit more cautious of where I spend my kp, which I hope you can understand.
Anywho, good luck and I hope this contest gains a lot of participants!