Capi Per Somnium

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What are dreams if not a figment of our imagination or a stream of our consiousness while at rest? What if they are entities of their own occupying a part of our world but remaining hidden to our sight?

What will happen when Rosé, a sophomore at the Alderaan State University gets trapped in the realm of dreams and appears to have been erased from everyone's memories except from the one of a "stranger" by the name of Jeon Jungkook?

Main Characters

 Jungkook: Sophomore, Business Administration Major, Fencing Team


Roseanne/ Rosé: Sophomore, Art History Major

                                                               Jaehyun/Jeffery: Sophomore, History and Philosophy Major 


                                                                                                    Side Characters 

    Taehyung: Senior, Biological Engineering Major

    Kim Jennie: Junior, Chemical Engineering Major

Lalisa/Lisa: Sophomore, Undecided Major, Track Team

Jisoo: Senior, Linguistics Major


       Sandara: Mother of Jisoo and Jungkook, Director of Public Relations at Peaceminusone


Chaerin: CEO of Peaceminusone, Jennie's Mother, Sister-in-law to Sandara


      Wendy and Irene: Rosé's Parents






The largest and most prestigious university on Earth. Founded centuries ago as a result of a collaboration between the leading countries. 





Hey! Thanks for checking out this story! My name is Bee, I'm a 20 year old college student from the east coast of the states, I may be 20 but mentally I'm somewhere around 75. I joined AFF in the beginning of summer of '17. Capi Per Somnium is my second story on this site.I try to communicate with all of my readers so don't hesitate to shoot me a friend request or a message. Looking forward to talking to you all!

About Capi Per Somnium


Capi Per Somnium is Latin and loosely translates to "Captured in a dream"

Genre: Fantasy, magic au, supernatural-ish, friendship, romance.

Chapters: ~tbd

Word Count per chapter: ~3000

Ships: read to find out(≧◡≦)

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A look into the story outline

Two different timelines

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1 points #1
Chapter 3: Thanks for the update author-nim. Can't wait to know the remaining casts and to read the coming chapters ^_^
1 points #2
Chapter 3: The plot looks really interesting, I'm looking forward to this!
Tungtarara 1 points #3
Chapter 2: happy new year
1 points #4
Chapter 2: I remember reading this chapter previously but I still love every line of it. As always, impeccable!
1 points #5
I thought you wont continue this fic anymore. Im really hyped and looking forward to read another fic from you :)
kookieforlife 1 points #6
Chapter 2: You are amazing! Never fails to amaze us readers with all the plot line and characters that I love love love so much. Looking forward to it! :)
1 points #7
Chapter 2: I really like how you started the chapter. Jisoo and Jungkook are adorable siblings, especially how protective Jisoo is. She's giving me the mischievous trouble maker vibe. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Jungkook turns out. I like how Wendy and Irene's relationship works, they're sharing their concerns and all, it shows how strong their relationship is. I'M SOOO CURIOUS ABOUT ALDERAAN, it sounds very mysterious. I like how the foreword really just leaves me with more questions and doesn't give too much of the plot. Looking forward to the next chapter!
roslayblackpink #8
Chapter 2: THIS IS SO CUTE . i love your stories just finished the other one pls cont rosekook
1 points #9
Chapter 2: the contrast between the tranquil surroundings and a noisy house was a funny introduction to the story! also i love the idea of having jisoo and jungkook be siblings!! their relationship is already super cute and i squealed a little when jungkook confessed that he was scared and jisoo was all “i’ll fight them for you” haha. actual sibling goals tbh. it was kind of weird for me to imagine irene and wendy as mothers since they’re so young but i think you made it work! them putting rose to sleep was a sweet moment and i’m curious to find out more about alderaan!! i’m glad i started reading this c: good luck writing!!
patatesonyeondan 1 points #10
Chapter 2: Wow I love this already! Baby Jichu and Baby Nochu are making me melt, this is too cute. Also Irene and Wendy as parents to our Baby Rosie is goals. You're a great writer Sunchild Author-nim I love your style and the way you describe things. I'm excited for this fanfic! Fighting!