Taking Care of The Moon & Sun Stories

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                        Solar x Moon Byul


Hey :)


I decided to make this slot for a quickie one-shot collections of moonsun.


Update might not be severe but haha.. nevermind.


Hope you guys enjoy. ^^


Moon & Sun is LOVE <3

Wish so I could be a stone so I don't have to feel anything. LoL.

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allysara #1
Chapter 31: i offer free hug to you, authornim and to anybody else who need it.
Chapter 31: You were right authornim... the brave ones are the ones that cries at night...
It really matches my life here... they always thought i was the stronger one but when
alone i cry silently and think of some negative thoughts.... and thinking is there anyone here know what im feeling...
But life keeps on moving... and you will find someone who will cry beside you

So keep on fighting.....

Authornim if you have problems i can be your listening ear...
And be your friend :)
Chapter 1: One word. C U T E. hahaha
Chapter 30: Just finished the whole thing and I am thankful for the great compilations you wrote here!

I am not really sure why am I doing this but my guts telling me to just say it to you "I'm here if you need someone to talk to". It might sounds weird or even creepy that it comes from me, one of your reader who is a stranger that decided to write this comment just because her guts telling her to do so, lol sorry for that. But seriously, I'm all ears ^^

Again, Thank you for the awesome compilations! ^^ and deep condolences for your grandma *give a respective bows to her*
Chapter 30: Fighting authornim ♡
lovechoco #6
Chapter 30: Fighting!!! You can do it!!!
VipOnceMoomoo 82 streak #7
Chapter 30: Ohhhhhhhh
Fighting :$
Jay-ME #8
Chapter 30: This is the most tragic love story. I ship it so hard
lovechoco #9
Chapter 29: my condolences
jt4life #10
Chapter 29: My condolences..
Stay strong authornim ?