Taking Care of The Moon & Sun Stories

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                        Solar x Moon Byul


Hey :)


I decided to make this slot for a quickie one-shot collections of moonsun.


Update might not be severe but haha.. nevermind.


Hope you guys enjoy. ^^


Moon & Sun is LOVE <3

Wish so I could be a stone so I don't have to feel anything. LoL.

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allysara #1
Chapter 27: Thank you for sharing these great stories with us.it make me think a lot about life and people around me.i enjoyed reading it and hopefully you won't delete it.best of luck to you! ^_^
Chapter 27: Thanks for writing this much to us! Please don't delete it. Well reading this things makes me happy. I'll wait for your comeback ^^
Chapter 27: Thanks for the great stories!! I'm looking forward to another masterpiece of yours in the future!
Chapter 27: As you say.. your wish..
Thank you for letting us to read your stories.. cuz they were truly amazing. Your stories made to think a lot about our own lifes.
No matter what happens... stay strong... cheer up... and fight...
Chapter 27: I thought u finally write Gashina MoonSun Version... :")

Well, it's your decision and we respect that. Believe me, your stories enlighten my days. Good luck (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
Chapter 27: thats not a good joke haha
Old_Moomoo #7
Hahahahaha fighting!
a_ellenna #8
trust me babe..me too..im feel i gonna leave all of this soon.... Sometimes i kind lose to write...all inspiration was gone...idk why....did my heart just feel losing or did i just already miss something...
My smile not my smile.....it like a song...kekekke...however,kept fighting..i know u can back soon with lot of idea....gluck
i also vote for moonsun gashina HAHAAHAHHA
Maybe Moonsun Gashina =))