My Crazy Family


Hello! My name is Grace Chen. I live with my eight siblings, Siwon, Taeyang, Tiffany, Jessica, Yoona, Jin, Rose, and Dahyun. My parents died when I was a baby in a car crash, so we all live together. Welcome to my life; a teenager being raised by her crazy older siblings.



CanadianShark5 here with a brand new story! For those of you who have read my Silver Fire story, that story will be my main story. Don't expect this one to be updated as frequently that one until I finish Silver Fire. Quick note though, this story deals with some religion and some of the idols are said to have a religion that they may not have. For example we only know for sure that Tiffany and Sooyoung from SNSD are Christian, and last I heard Jin from BTS was non-religous. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the story!!

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Nice story! I hope you will be able to continue the updates in November :)
pinkclouds99 #2
Chapter 8: I hope you can continue this story :(
Chapter 3: I like your story hope you will continue it
Chapter 8: ill be waiting you next update!
nice one!
Racheal_yue #6
Chapter 1: Pls update I'm begging u
Margareth #7
Chapter 1: First chap and i'm already loving it.