Will Of Fond Memories


Im Jaebum (28)


Kim Hana (22)




Jaebum and Hana were deeply in love for two years. The two decide to get married before Jaebum gets enlisted in the military as it is mandatory for all the male citizens in South Korea. Unfortunately, Jaebum's supposed to leave his newly-wed wife all alone the next day after their marriage due to an upcoming war.

          Will Jaebum survive through the scourge of war or will Hana, a young woman who has immense faith in God keep him as a "Will Of Fond Memories"?  



     One night was all they could spend after their marriage.

They didn't want the sun to rise and its rays on them. They didn't want to bid goodbyes to each other but fate had to separate them. The two had no other option. 

Jaebum would be leaving his newly wed wife and join the military as he was enlisted. Hana would be praying all day and night to God to bring him back safe and sound. She had immense faith in God and she knew that God will listen to her.

 [Author's Note]

I want to keep this story short like about 20 chapters, I have done only the description and foreword because I have school and only when it's over will I start publishing chapters. Till then I'll have a clear clue about how many views and subscribers will this story have and accordingly know the amount anticipation for it. Well, I was thinking of publishing all chapters at once but I'll need time to think about this.

This story may sound like 'Descendants Of the Sun' despite the same theme but believe me, it won't be the same.

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