Torn Between The Three

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Love is really cruel.

Getting to the point that you have to choose

Making decisions that can hurt one or two person. 


But, that's love right?

You have to love but you have to hurt someone too. 


Momo was a Regular student in JYP university. She never expect that not just one but Three Girls will fall in love with her. 



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khunfanybaby 0 points #1
Chapter 7: Hang in there mina
khunfanybaby 0 points #2
Chapter 7: Aahh... my mimo heart
lil_penguin 0 points #3
Chapter 6: Momo x All
Lol so many ships hahaha xD
Mitzu_Satzu_Natzu 0 points #4
Hahahahahahaah 0 points #5
Chapter 6: THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE YOU CAN SHIP MOMO TO IS UNBELIEAVABLE. Great chapter as always author! And yeah I kinda predicted it to be nayeon heheh.
Momo_the_mochine #6
Chapter 5: I'm glad there's still loyal tzumo shippers here lol XD
Momo_the_mochine #7
Chapter 4: My main ship is still tzumo haha
SaTzu_1429 #8
Chapter 5: TzuMo and SaTzu
SaTzu_1429 #9
Chapter 2: satzu and tzumo
SaTzu_1429 #10
Chapter 2: My ship is TzuMo basta lahat ng ship couples ni Tzuyu, ships ko na rin!