The Life Of A Coordi


This is a story about a girl who moved to Korea to work as a coordi for a boy group known as BTS. She has been an ARMY ever since they debut, so this was a dream come true for her. Although she only planned to work for the boys, she didn't plan to have feelings for someone romantically. Do you think the member would have mutual feelings? Will there be other members that like her? Go read the story to find out! XD 


Hi~! I'm so sorry if this story isn't good...or if it's see...this is my first story hehe. Anyways, I wanted to write this story because I realized that it was so hard to find fluffy stories of the boys. I personally love fluff and I had an extremely difficult time finding one. All the stories were too mature for me to read (I'm only 16) so I stopped reading fanfics. That's why I created this story!! So that those who are underaged (like me) can read and have feelz (if this gives you any). Hope you enjoy my story!!! 


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Chocolatekookies 0 points #1
Chapter 21: Jeon , jeon kookie~
Angelabelle #2
Chapter 16: I thought they all liked her lol and they’re performin DNA
eechangel #3
Chapter 14: I can imagine they playing hide and seek so well!
Chapter 14: I haven't yet read a story that includes this bangtan bomb! but it's so great... :)
Angelabelle #5
Chapter 14: lol I love v lives
Chapter 13: This chapter was cute~ ^^ I wish BTS could serenade me but I can only dream. I wish I could sing with Kookie (I also love Dear No One too so) but I'll probably sound like a dying whale next to him. My fave performance would probably be Kookie's or Tae's. Kookie's my UB and fave male vocalist, but Tae's voice is so attractive as well, so I can't choose. Kookie might win since "I got to sing with him"
Angelabelle #7
Chapter 12: Can I just have them all
Chocolatekookies #8
Chapter 10: Wassup cuhhhhhh
Angelabelle #9
Chapter 11: I hope this is poly i ship all of them w her
Angelabelle #10
Chapter 10: So do they all like her except jin?