In Your Eyes

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Jin is trying his best to get through his life either as an idol of BTS members, a song writer, and a normal person. Unfortunately, someone in particular seems to love making it hard for him. Until he's finally driven up the wall. Later on, one night of heavy drinking after thousands of failure results him his death. Or so he thought.


Haii guyss!!!!!

I write a new story from BTS characters, AGAIN!!! <3

Now, I'm interested in writing plots about jin and yoongi. I don't know why. But I'm sure you know, they have the least chemistry among other couples in Bangtan.

Actually this story is inspired by a meg cabot novel titled Air head. I really likes it and think it might be interesting to write a similar (no plagiarism on my part) story with some gender bender element in it. I dont know how many chapters this story would be for I havent had a clear plot about it. It could be short, could be long.

Yeah, I don't really want to think about it ;)

Well, I hope you enjoy the story. It's not as angsty as the previous story that I write.

Happy reading everyone. And Happy bangtan ^_^

(I'll post the first chp in (maybe) one or two days)

P.S. Comment is a must for those who read my story (no, kidding :) but I do enjoy reading a constructive comment ;)

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Zaringhares 21 streak #1
Chapter 7: Taehyung on premier of movie for jin,accidentaly, because Jin havent met him personally yet. But i will like every opinion you chose. They all sounds good.
Leena_k #2
Chapter 7: Jk, recording studio, by choice.
JackRaider #3
Chapter 7: He would first meet Jimin at the traffic light by choice
Chapter 7: Hoseok, on a traffic light, accidently
Lovetaejinkook #5
Chapter 7: I will choose jimin and they will meet at a traffic light with less people accidentally
cutemark #6
Chapter 7: jk
aag1418 #7
Chapter 7: Jungkook on a movie premier accidentally
btsshipsrock #8
Chapter 7: I'd like to see Jin meet Jimin at the premier of some song (probably Jin's last song) by Jin's choice. It could have an interesting turn of events.
allesh 26 streak #9
Chapter 7: Taehyung at a premier of a song or movie, accidentally
24 streak #10
Chapter 7: i too want them meet acciedentally but jin will run away from jungkook so i want him to meet him by his choice but its up too u i will love it what u wil wrote best of luck and waiting author