a rocky start into the new school

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Merging the failing school of the city with the most achieving school of the city to not only save tax dollars but also cause the bad students of South-high to finally start to learn seemed to be a good idea in theory, but in practice most everybody involved appeared to be unhappy with the circumstances.
Luhan rubbed his eyes while lifting his head of Yixings shoulder. The merge of the schools meant also, that the way to school for all the former students of south-high, since the elite school SM had better rooms, material and generally a better environment and the sheer fact that south-high was a lot smaller than Sm-high, was now a lot longer than before. One hour; that’s how long it took Luhan to school in the morning, and having to be there at 8am didn't help his already bad sleeping habits, or his mood for that matter. This would be his first day in the new merged school and while rolling into the bus stop in front of the school, Luhan already knew he would hate it. The luxurious cars of the students from SM-high were parked in the parking lot for everyone to see that they had a rich daddy.
Yixing lifted his hand to touch the wrinkles on Luhans forehead, cause by his bad mood. "担心,"(don’t worry) said Yixing in Chinese and hugged the boy beside him. Speaking Chinese was one of the things Luhan missed the most in Korea. Even though his Korean was fluent and most people couldn't even hear that he wasn't a native speaker, he would always prefer speaking his native language. It felt easier to make his feelings understood. Easier to express himself. That’s why he always clinged to the younger Yixing, since the day they met. "起来,我得下," (get up, we have to get out of the bus), said Yixing and pulled Luhan by his arm. Not leaving the bus seemed like a good idea to Luhan. He didn’t want to deal with his new, mostly rich and spoiled classmates, but Yixing was right, he shouldn't skip his first day, that would only cause trouble. Reluctantly he got up and stepped foot out of the bus and into his new school. He didn’t know where to go, they got handed a schedule at the last day in their old school, based on the few choices they had in electing classes, but Luhan had never stepped foot into this school and information like biology , room C45 didn’t say anything. Yixing had a different class than him and Luhan lost him in the crowd. Disoriented and not even knowing where to find his locker, if he even had one, he scouted for a student with expansive clothes and a smug look on his face. Easily he found one. A short boy with a pretty face and bleached hair. "Hey, do you know where C45 is?," he asked and the boy looked at him, up and down, critiquing his clothes. "Other building third floor I think on the right," he said and gestured in the direction of the other building. "Thanks," Luhan said and forced himself to give the boy a half-hearted smile. "I didn't know that south-high had this pretty students," the boy mumbled to himself, but Luhan could hear it while passing him. And it really didn’t help to lighten his mood. Pretty… he hated that word. " that dumb smug," he mumbled loudly to himself, but a short dark haired boy next to him heard it and gave him an angry glare. "It's absolutely unacceptable to talk like this about fellow students! If I hear something like this one more time I am going to talk to the administration about your behaviour problems!," he said and Luhan eyed him: " of!” He simply said and continued going in direction of the building the smug little boy told him. "Hey, I am talking with you!,” the other screamed and run behind him. "But I am not with you!," Luhan answered and walked a bit faster. But the stranger had already grabbed his arm. Luhan turned around in annoyance. "Your name please," said the strange boy with an authoritarian voice and locked his brown eyes with Luhans. " you", Luhan answered, twisted his arm out of the others grip and continued walking away. "I am the school council president and my mother is the principal of this school, I will not tolerate this behaviour!," he screamed and ran after him. Luhan started to run too, he just wanted to be left alone. He sprinted up the stairs and then finally, when he arrived at the room he stormed into the room. But the other guy stormed into the room right after him. He went straight to the teacher while Luhan chose a seat in the third row. He stared at the other. Talking to the teacher, what the was wrong with this guy, why couldn't he not just let it go?
"Your name please," asked the teacher looking at Luhan with an indifferent look. "Luhan," he answered and felt defeated. The teacher looked up and down his list till he finally found him and made a cross behind his name, then handed the list to the annoying brat who took a picture of his name and then finally left the room. Luhan felt a little sick thinking about the possibility of actual repercussions. But he scratched the idea and tried to concentrate to the lesson.


The canteen was not significantly fuller than usual, but considering that south high only had about 150 students to begin with, it was barely noticeable that they were here. Well barely noticeable size wise. Between the clothes that were cheaper and older, the cheap haircuts and bad dying and the few students that just couldn’t behave if their life depended on it, it was quite easy for Xiumin to determine who was formally from south-high and who wasn't. Sitting next to his best friend Baekhyun he was carefully examining the new students.
"Have you seen the cute one over there?," Xiumin asked and gestured to a skinny boy with light brown hair and big deer like brown eyes. His facial features were delicate and his skin looked like porcelain. If this wouldn't be an all-boys school, Xiumin would have sworn he was a girl.
"He has biology in C45 Mondays at 8:15 till 9:45," said Baekhyun and smiled. "How do you know that?," Xiumin asked irritated. "He asked me for the way earlier. And yes, he is just as cute in close up."
Xiumin grinned his mischievous smile and picked at his food.
"Hey Sehun you loner, come and sit with us", said Xiumin loudly and gestured to the empty places at their table. Eye-rolling he sat down next to Baekhyun, and sat hit plate of food down onto the table. Sehuns father was a lawyer and a work friend of Baekhyuns lawyer parents. Xiumins parents both worked in the medical field, his father being a doctor and his mom being a psychiatrist knew Sehuns mother who worked as a Psychologist quite well. That was the reason why the two older boys knew the tall skinny boy a year younger than them. For some reason sitting with them turned into a regular thing over the last semester. Sehun and at this point his only friend in his grade Kai was also sitting with them nearly every day at lunch. With them, Suho and Kris. Speaking of them, they both just came to sit to their table. Now the only one missing of the group was Kai.
"What do you think about the new kids?,” Kris asked while eating and staring at his phone. "Haven't spoken to any of them yet," Xiumin said while chewing. "Me neither," Sehun said. "I just hope their grades will not ruin our school ranking and reputation," Suho said and asked the others "have you heard about the assessment exams?” "I wish I could say no," Sehun mumbled. Earlier today, during the 15 minute break between classes, an announcement was made through the speakers saying that because of the new students joining the classes mid semester there would be tests in every subject on Wednesday and Thursday so that the teachers would know the students level. But even though the tests were supposed to be more like assessments than actual tests, the grade would be important. "I'm probably going to spend my free time on studying for those freaking tests!,” Sehun said frustrated while shovelling a bunch of food in his mouth. "Watch your language!,” Suho said annoyed. "Yes Mom!,” Sehun replied while rolling his eyes. Swearing was strictly forbidden in Sm-high, but Sehun wouldn’t even consider freaking a swear word. Suho was kind of strict with the rules and as the son of the principal and also the student council president and the student in charge of guidancing problematic students, a prefect you could say, he felt compelled to enforce the rules at any time. That's what made his friends call him mom whenever he did it. It was annoying and sometimes a bit rude, but Suho at one point or another helped every one of them out of trouble with teachers, students or regulations so they forgave him quickly.


Luhan was ordered to the principal’s office after the lunch break and there he was, not sure what to expect. Being called to the principal at day one of a new semester must be a record. Luhan felt physically ill just thinking about it. He stood in front of the short haired lady for a moment till she looked up from her papers and looked at him up and down. "You know that swearing is prohibited at this school," she asked cold and looked him in the eyes. "Yes," he mumbled trying to look anywhere but her eyes. She on the other hand kept staring him down. "This is your first day here and because you are new and already violated the rules, I am going to use you as an example for the other troublemakers.” This made Luhan look at her in sheer terror. “I am going to call your parents and have a lovely talk with them," she continued and Luhan nearly forgot how to breathe. "Now go back to class please, you are already late and we don't want to make that into a habit don't we?," she ordered and dismissed the shocked boy out of her office. The panic kept on rising in Luhan and instead of the gym he went straight to the washrooms, seeing his pale, terrified face in the reflection in the mirror, he tried running his helplessly trembling hands through his hair but nothing helped him calm down. So he sunk down next to the sinks, knees to his chest, hands on his temples, hoping nobody would find him for a while.


The sports teacher was calling down the names from his list while Suho scanned through his class. Not only where Kris, Xiumin and Baekhyun in his sports class but also a few new students. Chanyeol, a tall skinny kid with a confused look on his face, Chen, a skinny boy his height, who looked tired with big bags under his eyes. Also he seemed a bit unhealthy or at least not well cared for in his old, slightly dirty, slightly ripped sports clothes and uncombed hair. Another one of the new kids was called Lay, not even trying to make small talk with anybody he sat alone slightly outside the circle they all were sitting in. His eyes were on the ground, sometimes looking to the door. The last one of the new kids in the class was a skinny short guy with big eyes and a slightly squishy look. But he was not the last one of the new kids in class. "Luhan?," the teacher asked for the second time and still nobody raised a hand. Suho cursed his luck, of course had the rude boy from earlier to be in his year. He raised his hand. The teacher nodded in his direction. "He had a meeting with the principal for behavioural problems, he could be running late!" The teacher nodded at him and made a note on his list. Gesturing to the new kids he asked "Has anyone of you his number?," All the new ones looked at the shy guy Suho thought was Lay. He mumbled something inaudible and said quietly: "I'll go and call him." With that he stood up and ran to the changing rooms where they all had to leave their phones.
Meanwhile the class was doing their warmup of running 2 kilometres and stretching afterwards, it was now 30 minutes after the class had started and still no sign of Luhan, also Lay hasn't come back either. "Suho, can you please go and get the missing students?," the teacher said with a slightly annoyed voice and Suho stood up. What were they thinking? Skipping class on the first day? Lay was not in the locker room anymore so Suho decided to search elsewhere. Both of them would be in so much trouble as soon as he found them.


Luhan was hysterically shaking when he heard the door of the washroom opening. Not even looking up he heard somebody enter and felt the stare the other boy gave him. But he didn't look up, he couldn't, there was no way he could stand looking at someone who just saw him this vulnerable. That’s when his phone rang. With shaking hands he stared at it, seeing Yixings contact on the screen, it took his trembling hands three times to accept the call. "你在哪里?,"(Where are you?) Yixing asked and with his breaking voice he stuttered: "(bathroom)" "你好?,"(Are you ok?) Yixing asked immediately after hearing Luhans broken voice. "来吧,"(Please come here). Yixing ended the call and Luhans phone slipped out of his hands but it didn't land on the floor. Someone caught it. That made Luhan look up. The stranger that was watching him seemed to be a younger student; hair dark black and even though he had no double eyelid his eyes where big. Visible eye bags under his eyes gave him a similarity to a panda. That thought made Luhan smile a bit. "生了什么事? 我能帮助?(What happened? Can I help?)”

Luhan hadn't expected Chinese and for a moment he stopped shaking so bad. "你也是中国人?,"(Are you Chinese too?), he asked. The younger boy who now sat next to him on the bathroom floor nodded and put an arm around the shaking Luhan. "你叫什么名字?,” (What is your name?) the younger boy asked. "鹿晗, 你呢?(Luhan and you?)” "黄子(Huang Zitao).”

A few moments of silence till Luhan asked: "你的家在那儿?(What City do you come from?)” "青 你来了北京,对吗?(Qingdao. You are from Beijing right?)” The older boy just nodded, knowing that his Beijing accent was a dead giveaway for anyone guessing and got a little closer to the taller Chinese boy so he could fully sink into his embrace and block the world and his problems out. Only a few moments of silence and the washroom door was opened again. "鹿晗?,"(Luhan) he heard Yixing say. Luhan made a squeezed noise and he saw Yixing come around the corner. "不好意思,我找不到了你。什么事生了?(Sorry, I couldn't find you. What happened?)”

Yixing didn't need to ask. He knew. Knew what probably happened and what will happen because of it. He sat down on the other side of Luhan and put his arm around his small body, not saying anything for a while. Between sobs and hugs Luhan introduced Yixing to the younger Chinese boy. Just nods and a quick smile, still no one wanted to break the silence. That’s when the bathroom door opened again, in walks a tall boy with rainbow hair looking utterly confused. "Ahem, Tao? The teacher send me to find out where you are", he said and squatted down to the level of the still shaking and crying Luhan. Tao looked confused and seemed to not want to answer. "你能去。我跟他呆," (You can go, I'm staying here with him) Yixing said looking at Tao. "好啊,"(Ok) Tao mumbled, gave Luhans shoulder a squeeze and stood up. The rainbow-haired boy was watching the short conversation confused, shaking off of his fascinated look he grabbed Taos arm and dragged him lightly to the door, when someone else came in. Luhans heart nearly stopped when he saw the guy from earlier again, the one responsible for this whole situation. "Hey Sehun," he greeted the rainbow haired boy till his gaze landed on Luhan, who was hiding his face on his knees and Yixing next to him. His look hardened and with his authoritative voice he began: "What are you two thinking? Skipping class on day one! You are a disgrace not only for your parents but also for your former school. This might have been acceptable in your old school but here we will crush down on this behaviour as soon as you decide to behave this way. I am going to talk to your teacher about this!” He only stopped to breathe in. Sehun who took a glance at the enraged Tao decided to step in. He didn't know why exactly he decided to cover for the boys but he knew that he wouldn't want Suho scolding him when he was already miserable in a bathroom.
"Suho", he muttered and put a hand onto his shoulder. "What?,” he replied angrily. One more glance at the crying boy and he just went with the first excuse he could think of. "He is not feeling well and Tao found him in the bathroom. We wanted to bring him to the nurse just as you came in." Suhos features softened a bit and Sehun thanked the heavens that his lie seemed believable. "And you need 3 persons for that task?," He asked, hinting to Sehun and Tao to let him manage the situation, but for the crying boys sake Sehun improvised another excuse. "These two," gesturing to Tao and Yixing, "are his friends, but cause they're all knew they don't even know where the nurses office is." Suho signed and glared at Sehun. "Bring him to the nurses’ office and then you two," gesturing to the younger boys, "go back to class immediately, do you understand?" Sehun nodded and Suho said in Lays direction: "I'll tell the teacher where you are."

Lay said a quiet thank you and then tried to help the other boy to get up. Not only was Luhan still shaking slightly but after sitting so stiff for this long, his legs barely moved. Tao and Lay each slung one arm around him and tried guiding the older while Sehun picked his bag of the ground and gestured the others to follow him. Suho looked after them questioning himself and his reaction to the situation. He should have given them the benefit of the doubt before assuming the worst, but after his encounter with Luhan earlier he had a bad impression of the new student that he couldn't just shake away. He made his way back to the gym to inform the teacher about the missing students.


"That took a long time," the teacher commented after Sehun and Tao slipped back into the classroom. Tao said nothing, just as he had the whole way back from the nurses’ office. Even if Sehun would ask him something he stayed silent. Sehun didn't get his behaviour, but decided that it was his to explain the situation to the teacher. "Tao found one of his friends in the bathroom who was sick, so he decided to bring him to the nurse, but since he is new, he didn't know where the nurse is."

A light nod from the teacher gesturing them to sit down again. Sehun slid down onto his place next to Jongin, who looked at the younger questioning. "I mean it, I came into the bathroom and he and another one of the new guys were sitting on the floor comforting a crying boy. I have no idea what happened and they weren't talking Korean so I don't even have a clue. And Tao apparently doesn't talk to me, even though I helped him and the other two out of trouble with a raging Suho," he whispered to his friend. The elder seemed confused at all of that but Sehun just shook his head, rolled his eyes and let out a sign, making Jongin understand to let it go. But Sehun wasn't about to let it go. Why on earth did Tao not talk to him? Not even an answer to yes or no questions. And what language where the other speaking earlier? It wasn't English… maybe they had Spanish or something in their old school? Confused Sehun let his hands run through his hair, making it look messier than it already did. He didn’t understand any of the newbies. Not at all, not even a bit.


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