Fantastic Fantasy Writing Contest (Giveaway!!!)

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This is a writing contest geared toward the genre of fantasy. For more on what qualifies, please look at the rules.






Current Deadline: March 31, 2018



Apink, BAP, BTS, DGNA, Dreamcatcher, f(x), Infinite, Nu'Est, Red Velvet, Seventeen, Shannon Williams, Taemin, TWICE, UNIQ, VIXX, Winner

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1 points #1
Chapter 28: I shouldn't but theire is a chance for a jihee fiction to happen (since theire are three pairings for you to choose i just have to make sure to take two others you don't like*laugh* nooo just kidding)
i have to try it *laugh* though i'm usually bad lucked in such things XD but i can't slip the chance of you to write aomething for me thats to precious of a possible price to skip on


1: GHee, DaeGi (seulgi daesung) and i have no idea ohhh Kiko Gao (because you killed daniel!)
2. Fantasy, fluff , mystery
3: fall or winter up to you
4. red
5. Happy or "happy" Open ending
6. depends on the couple you can write absolutly anything you wish for the first for the later two i would rather not habe a christmas story as i'm mot to much of a shipper

i love the idea and i wish anyone good luck but you too as i hope it choses something you absolutely want to write (i was considering ken seulgi but then my chances for ghee would have been close to zero so i'm sorry my barcistig otp heart couldn't let me write them down *laugh*
1 points #2
Chapter 28: In no particular order,
1: Top 3 Ships
Neo (VIXX), Hyukbin (VIXX), Kaisoo (Exo)
2. Top 3 Genres
Comedy, Angst, Fantasy (hurhur)
3: Pick a Season
4. Pick a Color
5. Happy/Sad/Open ending
6. Blatant CHRISTMAS Story? (Yes or No)

Thanks for organising this giveaway and dedicating so much time and effort to this contest!
1 points #3
Chapter 28: Omg I feel so bad for doing this because I've done nothing with my story ;;;; I'm sorrruyyyyyyy

1: Top 3 Ships: HowonxSunggyu; YesungxHangeng; KihyunxI.M
2. Top 3 Genres: fantasy; angst; fluff
3: Pick a Season: autumn
4. Pick a Color: red
5. Happy/Sad/Open ending: open
6. Blatant CHRISTMAS Story? (Yes or No): nah XD
1 points #4
Chapter 28: Copy/Fill/Comment
1: Top 3 Ships: This is so hard because I always ship everyone around!! I suppose I will go with three different choices: Myungsoo (Infinite) x Suzy, Yunho (TVXQ) x Jessica, Naeun (aPink) x Hongbin (VIXX)
2. Top 3 Genres: FANTASYYYYYY!! Angst and romance
3: Pick a Season: Spring, just cause it's my favourite.
4. Pick a Color: I will pick lilac because I see so many people with that colour hair in the mornings, and it leaves me with a sense of very calm, and dreamy.
5. Happy/Sad/Open ending:
Ohhh, this is hard because I tend to be someone who likes to torture my readers, but I suppose a happy ending.
6. Blatant CHRISTMAS Story? (Yes or No)
No, please. They are too cliched.
1 points #5
Chapter 28: Yes yes yes!! Gimme me a second while I think about this. This is so generous of you =)
1 points #6
Chapter 28: I'm intrigued! ^_^ And personally wouldn't mind contributing to this if you maybe wanted to pick more than one random entry as well. XD lol But that's just me. I'll throw in my ballot anyway.

1: Top 3 Ships: Neo, BangDae, and OnKey (more or less anyway - they change on a fairly regular basis depending on how people write them lol)

2. Top 3 Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Science Fiction

3: Pick a Season: Spring

4. Pick a Color: Purple

5. Happy/Sad/Open ending: Flexible - whatever calls to you ;)

6. Blatant CHRISTMAS Story? (Yes or No) Also flexible - if Christmas is knocking, go ahead. heh

*Side note, thank you for the kind words from the last mini contest. I will miss them but I do hope that you're doing well and like Wooyaboya said, happy holidays regardless!
1 points #7
Chapter 28: 1: Top 3 Ships

2. Top 3 Genres

3: Pick a Season

4. Pick a Color

5. Happy/Sad/Open ending
Open ending

6. Blatant CHRISTMAS Story?  (Yes or No)
74 streak 1 points #8
Chapter 28: 1. Top 3 ships: svt jihoonxseungcheol, infinite woogyu, svt meanie
2. Genres: fantasy, mystery, school slice of life
3. Autumn
4. White
5. Happy ending. I need Christmas to be happy haha
6. Up to you~

Regardless whether I'm chosen....have a happy holiday season♡ so excited for this haha
1 points #9
Chapter 28: This is a cool idea! It'll be interesting to see what people say.
74 streak 1 points #10
Chapter 27: Oh man i just noticed the announcement on the end of Minis :'( I'll miss them so much I hope you do bring them back eventually next year. All the best for your work and endeavours though~