*~Chapter Sixteen~*

As the sun came up the first to wake was Chansung and Key.

Chansung rubbed his eyes and key ran his hands through his hair and stretched.

Chansung looked at Key and smiled.

Key made a face at him and smiled.

He puled key towards him and rapped his arms around Key waist.

Chansung: "How did you sleep???" He whispered into Key ear softly biting the top of it gently.

Key cutely pushed away and pitched Chansung arm.

Key: "I slept amazing." He said with a cute smile.

Chansung grabbed his arm and looked at Key.

Key poked his tung out at him and smiled.

Chansung did a side smile and pulled Key into his arms and gave him a long deep kiss.

He pushed away slowly and Key was in a daze staring at him.

Chansung: "Good." He said in a y voice pulling key back into a kiss.


During the middle of the night Jay and Taemin had went to the other room to sleep.

Taemin eyes opened slowly and the bright lights came in through the close shutters.

He rubbed his eyes and turned on his other side.

Jay's sleeping face was right next to his.

He slept with his head resting on his arm.

Taemin smiled at Jay's sleeping face.

He pulled his hand from under the cover and ran his finger across one of Jay's eyebrows.

Jay moved a little and took a deep breath, Taemin pulled back fast and closed his eyes.

After a few seconds Taemin opened his eyes slow and saw Jay staring at him smiling.

Jay: "Your awake???" he said in a low sweet voice.

Taemin: "Mhh..." Jay couldn't stop smiling. He turned on his back and pulled Taemin into his arms. Taemin rested his head on Jay's chest and listen to his heartbeat.

Jay: "How did you sleep???" He asked Taemin softly kissing his forehand.

Taemin: "Good." Taemin said in a shy voice. "And you???" He asked Jay shyly.

Jay: "When your sleeping next to me I always sleep good." Jay smiled.

Taemin: "That sound corny." Taemin laughed softly. Jay put his hand under Taemin's chine and pulled him into a sweet kiss. Taemin rapped his arms around Jay's waist and pulled in closer to him a snuggled. "Let's sleep a little more."

Jay: "Mhh..." He brushed Taemin's hair back and kissed his forehead. And they dozed off.


Taecyeon was sitting up against the wall and Onew was sitting in between his legs leaning against his chest.

Onew was staring at the sunlight coming though the window.

Taecyeon was staring at the walls.

Nichkhun and Minho was still asleep.

Onew took a deep breath.

Onew: "Should we tell them we heard them???" Taecyeon looked down at Onew.

Taecyeon: "Why would we do that???" He said in a what the hell is wrong with you voice. Onew looked up at him and smiled.

Onew: "Why not I mean they will find out sooner or later."

Taecyeon: "Well let it be later. Just put yourself in there spot. What if it was us???" Onew stood to his feet and walked to the window.

Onew: "I guess your right." He said taking a deep breath. He pulled up the window and opened the shutters. "Holy cheese nips!!!" He said cover his mouth and backing away from the window.

Taecyeon: "What???" He said getting up \fast and rushing to Onew's side. His eyes grew big. "No way!!!"


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katy006 #2
update, please!!!!
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Chapter 28: just a spelling thing, it´s wrapped not rapped xD <3
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Chapter 28: TTnTT I feel horrid for Nickkhun I hope he's feeling better now and finished with the law probs...
Minho was so awesome in his latest Drama To the Beautiful You
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Chapter 27: Omg! First chapter just awesome! You were busy today huh... You updated alot! Lol. <3 plz update soon again
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Chapter 27: awwww~ That was soooo Freakin' sweeeetttt~
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Chapter 27: Oh! Goodie its going to get a second part!!! XD
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Chapter 26: やった!!yay!! I hope u finish soon so you'll have time for part two!! Thank you for your effort on this one. :)
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Chapter 26: mmmm make sure you do this is actually the first time that I'm willing to wait for a story........ EVER ( even on other websites ) and sorry if this sounded demanding it's just because I'm really excited
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Chapter 26: YES!!

P/S : Btw, I'm cutiekoala :)
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