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For Jeon Wonwoo, it was wrong to be with the 'narsissist' drummer Kim Mingyu  And for Kim Mingyu, it was wrong to be with the 'princess' violinist Jeon Wonwoo. They hate each other  That's obvious. It's complicated; It seems cliche. Or maybe... Just maybe... Two wrongs can make a right

우리 이제 안녕

“Now goodbye.”

Uri ige anneyong.



(warning: swearing)


"I'm sorry... But can you have some common sense and stop whistling... It's getting... Irritating..." Wonwoo rolls his eyes, waiting for Mingyu's response, but with the older practically hearing the loud drumming through the younger's headphones, he scoffed and yanked both earphones from his ear, clicking his tongue with irritation and loudly saying in his pierced ear, "Stop whistling!"


Mingyu stopped, and Wonwoo thinned his eyes as he was walking back to his desk. Instead, the now-pissed male lowly chuckled and turned himself around while kicking up his feet on the desk.


"Awh," He tutted, "Is the princess being moody again?" He teased, "Oh let me guess, you're being all emo because you're just better than everyone else, right?" Mingyu smiled evilly, rolling his eyes before they're placed back on Wonwoo.


"No... I'm being all 'emo' because you exist in this world." Wonwoo answered, clenching his fist in an attempt to not choke the cocky younger.


"Well I'm sorry that I'm way out of your league, sorry princess."


"I have a name."


"That makes the both of us — I don't like hearing your name being mentioned to me. It's annoying."


"At least this 'annoying' name is known for something than your lazy-drumming ."


"Shut up."


"You shut up, princess."


"No thank you."


"Yes-ing please."


"You bast-" Before Wonwoo could go up to Kim Mingyu and literally choke and murder the boy, their homeroom teacher already entered the room and Wonwoo had no other choice but to sit in his seat before he got in trouble. "..." Wonwoo said under his breath as he took a seat.



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