Next Gen Magicians

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When century old mages start to resurface to enslave humanity, a new group of magicians must arise to protect the Earth. Join Taeyeon and friends on a quest to rediscover the ancient arts of magic and stop the Emerald Dragon Cultists. 

Its a silly story, that'll mix drama, action, and romance all into one. Also it seems like it'll probably be a really long story, so be prepared for some breaks so i can reevaluate the story every so often :D and feel free to tell me if i should add anything or change names of some characters since some characters will be named by me.


Also note that the prelude is optional to read. the prelude is mainly there to give some context on what happened when magic was used centuries ago and why it isnt used much until now. :D

Hey there :) unfortunately there won’t be updates for this week. Three of my subjects at uni have the final assessment due this week so I hope you all understand how stressful this is. Of course the story will still continue afterwards haha I just hope you guys understand :( sorry for the bad news

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69 streak 1 points #1
Chapter 70: hehehe hope they can accept yuri with an open arms hehehe or maybe let Sunny's parents prank her hehehe
kjmx09 1 points #2
Chapter 70: Oh Yuri with that step already? I think it's still a bit early for it though.
Beetlebee 1 points #3
Chapter 69: This is cute haha
taeyeon92 1 points #4
Chapter 69: Nice chapters!
kjmx09 1 points #5
Chapter 69: So, even though Taeyeon is stronger she still has that problem with the telepath. I wonder if Taeyeon will be able to overcome that as Sunny was using on her.
69 streak 1 points #6
Chapter 69: lol i thought shes stronger but fany can still knock her out hahaha
Taengooyakim309 1 points #7
Sooo goood
69 streak 1 points #8
Chapter 68: woah shes becoming stronger and i wouldn't want to get in her bad side
sunny2nysnsd 1 points #9
Chapter 68: Wow. earthquakes in New York because of her? I would be afraid if I'm the citizen who lives there. Amazing power, i believe she can defeat elder cosmic. :D
1 points #10
Aaargh I really want to read this. I've been seeing this story everytime I'm looking for new taeny fics to read but since I'm really busy, I'll just subscribe for now. Hopefully, I'll be able to read this soon. Til then, hwaiting!! :)